The Misa de Aguinaldo is a celebration of your faith in Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your service to our community, to our brothers and sisters, and especially to those in need.
I constantly remind people over and over again – there are a lot of us who are religious. We know our religion, and we live our religion to a certain extent. But do we know that giver of that gift of faith and religion?
There are moments in our lives when it is important to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays, we celebrate anniversaries, and so too in the life of the Church we come to celebrate.
We’re celebrating something today, something that is the core of our faith. We’re celebrating something about Mary.
The first Book of Numbers talks about attitude – attitude to life, attitude to the future, attitude to one another. And it’s a beautiful scene...
When I did wedding homilies, I always added this little phrase, “Love is blind, and marriage is an eye-opener.”
I welcome to St James Cathedral the judicial members, members of the bar and all public officials to our Red Mass.
One of the great mysteries of Scripture is in the passages we hear voicing, “God is calling you”.
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