Diocese of Orlando Directory

This Online Directory is an alphabetical listing of documents that provide information about the people, ministries and entities that are part of the Diocese of Orlando. These files are available for easy downloading and printing as PDF documents. You must have Adobe PDF Reader to download and view the documents. If you have any questions about this directory,  please call Robert Diaz at 407-246-4812.

Updated April 15, 2014 

General Information

  • Diocese of Orlando History
  • Diocese of Orlando Statistics
  • Former Bishops
  • Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando
  • Province of Miami
  • Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Diocesan Officials
  • College of Consultors
  • Presbyteral Council
  • Priest Personnel Board
  • Diocesan Finance Committee
  • Parish Formation Committee
  • Sisters' Council
  • Retirement Committee
  • Real Estate Committee
  • Liturgical Commission

Diocesan Deaneries

  • Eastern Deanery
  • Norther Deanery
  • Central Deanery North
  • Central Deanery South
  • Western Deanery
  • Southern Deanery

Basilicas, Cathedrals, Parishes, Missions, and Other Rites

Listing of:

  • Basilicas
  • Cathedral
  • Diocesan Parishes
  • Missions
  • Other Rites
  • Subsidized Housing

Chancery Offices and Ministries

Listing of:

  • Clergy and Consecrated Life
  • Education Secretariat
  • Evangelization and Family Life Secretariat
  • Life and Human Solidarity Secretariat
  • Parish Services and Administration Secretariat
  • Other Diocesan Organizations

Clergy and Consecrated Life

  • Priests
  • Brothers
  • Priests of Other Rites
  • Religious Sisters
  • Deacons
  • Residences of Priests and Brothers
  • Religious Communities of Men and Women

Office of Schools

  • Early Childhood Learning Centers
  • Special Education
  • Parish Elementary Schools
  • Catholic High Schools

Lay Catholic Organizations

  • List of Associations of the Faithful Present and Formally Organized in the Diocese of Orlando 


Seminaries and Seminarians

Special Collections Descriptions - (updated October 23, 2013)

Special Collections 2014

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