Faith Formation Day 2013

Faith Formation Day 2013 (6)

Thursday, 16 May 2013 09:38


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Thursday, 16 May 2013 09:38


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A "Lunch" Date with Isaiah and St. Francis
Karen Agnello
"Here I am...send me!" (Isaiah 6:8). These are the words we speak when we say "yes" to ministry. We set these words in motion in unique ways in our Church, in our place of employment or school, and in our home. This discussion will look at the meaning behind these words in the life of St. Francis, and invite renewal and growth to our personal response to serve.
Free Internet Applications
Margie Garland-Aguilar
This workshop will show the participants free internet tools that can be used in their ministry. It will provide an understanding of the tools and how to apply the use for collaboration and sharing of the faith. Also, participants will learn easy ways for the application of these tools.
Marketing Psychologics: A new way of understanding motivation
Jon Arguello
This presentation teaches attendees how to understand, resist, and live outside of the modern day marketing-consumer cycle.
Tweets and Posts and Messages...Oh my!
Jon Arguello
Evangelizing in a social media world. Why and how social media is important to a thriving Catholic community. This is an interactive workshop that takes the training wheels off and pushes you down the road.
Abra las Puertas de la Fe a Todos: Parte I: Introducción a la Catequesis para Toda la Parroquia
Skip Bacon
La formación de la fe es un proceso de toda la vida. Así que nuestra formación de fe en la parroquia también debe ser un proceso de toda la vida; desde niños hasta adultos, familias y personas solteras, familias de escuelas públicas y Católicas. Toda la parroquia debe participar en la formación de la fe por toda la vida. Participa en este taller para una introducción a catequesis de toda la parroquial como un modelo de formación de fe por toda la vida. (Esta es la Parte I de un taller de dos partes. Por favor vea también la Parte II.)
Abra las Puertas de la Fe a Todos: Parte II: Herramientas y Aplicación de Catequesis para Toda la Parroquia
Skip Bacon
Catequesis para toda la parroquia como un modelo para un programa de formación de fe puede parecer difícil de aplicar, incluso en la parroquia más progresista y activa. Pero con buenas herramientas y un plan de implementación, cada parroquia puede dar pasos hacia un programa de catequesis que incluye todos por toda la vida. Únase a nosotros para algunas herramientas e ideas prácticas para la aplicación de catequesis de toda la parroquia. (Esta es la segunda parte de un taller de dos partes. Por favor vea también la Parte I.)
Open the Doors of Faith to All: Introduction to and Implementation of Whole Parish Catechesis
Skip Bacon
Formation of our faith is a lifelong process. Therefore, our parish faith formation must also be lifelong process; for children and adults, for families and single people, and for public and Catholic school families. The whole parish needs to be engaged in lifelong faith formation. Join in this workshop as we introduce whole parish catechesis as a model of lifelong faith formation and give some hands-on tools and practical steps for implementation.
The new National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools
Joseph E. Belinski, PhD
This presentation will be an introduction to the new National Standards and Benchmarks published in 2012 by the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness and recently accepted by the Bishops of Florida for use in our Florida Catholic schools. The general overview will consist of a brief history of the standards, a brief discussion of the various standards and domains, and how the new standards will be used for school accreditation throughout the Diocese. The presentation is targeted to the requirements for the Catholic elementary school level.
Home, School, Church – How Does It All Connect
Rev. Karl Bergin
Faith lives in every facet of our lives, and the journey of discipleship must be fed through the partnership of the home, school, and parish. Parents, catechists, teachers, and pastors must collaborate to ensure and enable that the faith lives. Listen to a pastor's insights on this topic.
Reaching A Generation of Thomases
Rev. Benjamin Berinti, CPpS.
Forever cast as the "doubting one," therefore the "weak one," Thomas the Apostle is anything but that! Our workshop will explore how Thomas is not only a model for coming to faith amidst deep skepticism, but also how his story reveals a strategy for reaching a generation (or two) of "Thomases".
Creating Fabric Art for Sacred Spaces Part 1 & 2
Arlene Bieliski
Attendees will travel through the various steps needed to create fabric art that enhances worship spaces. Explanation, sample demonstrations, and a Q&A period will be provided.
Catholic Relief Service—Global Awareness
Deacon & Mrs. Michael J Biennas Jr.
Engaging Our Faith in the World; Exploring our Catholic Social Teaching and Global; Solidarity as we work toward a Spirituality for Global Justice; A Call to Kinship
All Catechesis Should Be Inspired By The Baptismal Catechumenate, (GDC, #59). What does this directive practically mean in liturgical and catechetical ministry in parishes today?
Mary Birmingham
This session will explore what the GDC implies when it insists that all forms of catechesis in the parish should echo what is set forth in the RCIA. It will break open the elements and dynamics of the initiation model and suggest practical ways to incorporate those elements into every form of catechesis in the parish -- religious education and faith formation for adults; youth and children; and sacramental preparation.
Forming Leaders in Christ through Spiritual Transformation
Stephanie Bosse
Leaders of Faith Formation are agents of the New Evangelization and are called to form those they teach. This session focuses on integral human development tools for discerning the needs of the communities served and forming leaders who will be catalysts for spiritual transformation.
Lectio Divina
Rev. Gaetan Boursiquot
La Lectio Divina est une lecture lue, écoutée, méditée, étudiée, ruminée, priée, contemplée, de la parole de Dieu. Elle est une façon de lire l'Ecriture qui, se produisant dans la foi, dans la prière, dans l' ouverture à l'Esprit, devient écoute de la parole vivante et vivifiante de Dieu, qui, au travers de la page biblique s'adresse à nous aujourd' hui.
Relational Evangelization: The Foundation of Youth Ministry
Mike Buckler
Ever wonder how to transform those teens who come to Mass, cross their arms, and text under the pew? Or wonder how to engage the kids who have stopped showing up at all? Relational ministry is the way to go! Learn how to bring the New Evangelization to life within your parish through relational youth ministry.
Liturgical Catechesis with Young People
Mike Buckler
This workshop will look at the ways that liturgical catechesis within the context of relational youth ministry can transform the lives of young people. Specifically, utilizing the liturgical calendar in our ministries to young people is the fastest way to integrate our Catholic faith into everyday life. Come find out how.
Catholic Social Teaching and the New Evangelization
Mike Buckler
Young people today want to do good things; they want to help people. How can we lead teens beyond wanting to be "a good person" into the joy of Christian service and a life of solidarity with the poor in imitation of Jesus Christ? This workshop will explain the basics of Catholic social teaching and provide resources that will help you mentor youth in living that teaching.
Is Working for the Church Killing You?
Thomas J. Burns, MA, LMHC
Believe it or not, Jesus "had a life;" it included prayer, family, quiet, naps, philosophizing, dinners with friends, and synagogue attendance. This presentation examines how an unhealthy sense of ministry and a lack of basic understanding of business psychology—among both employers and employees--can result in depressive burnout and the loss of a valued professional or volunteer to Church ministry. Suggested reading: Is Work Killing You? by David Pozen, M.D.
Uncle Tom's Book Nook: The Art of Religious Book Purchasing
Thomas J. Burns, MA, LMHC
The Catholic educator is by definition an avid reader of the sacred sciences. As our reading time is precious, how does a catechist select both the best books [in all formats] from our Catholic tradition and the cutting edge works of today's theologians? This presentation will assist the participant in establishing an organized plan for personal reading and study, the development of a home working theological library, recognition of the best mainstream Catholic publishers and book outlets, evaluation of book reviews, indispensable uses of the internet, including postings of one's own reviews, and secrets to keeping down costs. Participants will receive hyperlinked resources after the presentation as well as ongoing support in navigating the Catholic book market.
Justicia Social, La Iglesia, Y el Discipulado
Nahum Cano
Que es lo que involucra el deber del Discipulado hacia la Justicia Social, para poder establecer una vida digna para todo ser humano basado en las enseñanzas de la Iglesia Católica y la preferencia por el más vulnerable en nuestra sociedad como lo hizo Jesús.
The iCatechist: Effectively Using Your iDevice in Parish Catechetical Ministry
Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF
Discover fun and easy ways to use your iDevices to enhance your teaching, faith sharing, and ignite your students' love of learning their faith, whether you have one device or 111. Learn about free tools that will surely engage your students in the classroom. It's easy to be an iCatechist.
Open The Door of Faith In Your Classroom
Rev. Tom Connery
Vacation Bible School doesn't have to be one week in the summer. Keep what works throughout the year. Fr. Connery will share what he believes is adaptable to the classroom. Learn how you can use puppets, characters, mascots, and more to bring home the message. Better yet, take it to the neighborhood and reach out to those far from church. No experience necessary.
The Role of Catholic Devotions in Our Prayer Life
Bruce Croteau
Catholic devotional prayer is a necessary part of an integrated Catholic spirituality. Learn how liturgical prayer and devotional prayer can be complementary to each other and how, as the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy envisions, these two forms of prayer work harmoniously together.
Developments in Catholic Biblical Studies, Spirituality, and Ministry in the Modern Era: Major Pronouncements and Movements
Rev. Tim Daly and Karl A. Schultz
This presentation is two parts. Father Daly will discuss his experiences in helping catechists become comfortable with the Bible in a private, communal, and liturgical context. He will point out why a basic understanding of developments in the Church's understanding of biblical studies, spirituality, and ministry is necessary for proper education and formation. Mr. Schultz will discuss highlights and pastoral and sociological contexts of major magisterial pronouncements on the Bible beginning with Pope Leo XIII's Providentissimus Deus in 1893 and Verbum Domini in 2010. He will discuss the evolution of the Pontifical Biblical Commission and its most important publications, beginning with Sancta Mater Ecclesia (Instruction Concerning the Historical Truth of the Gospels) in 1964.
Lectio Divina for Youths and Young Adults
Rev. Tim Daly and Karl A. Schultz
This presentation is two parts. Father Daly will discuss his experiences and observations sharing the practice of lectio divina with young adults. Mr. Schultz will outline the principles and stages of lectio divina, drawing particularly from Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J.'s School of the Word program. He will share Cardinal Martini's methods used in practicing lectio divina monthly in the Milan cathedral with youths. The presenters will discuss simple ways of teaching lectio divina so that it can be assimilated by individuals with little background in the Bible. The use of the Sunday lectionary as a starting point for regular practice of lectio divina will be reviewed.
Prophetic Post-Conciliar Documents and the New Evangelization: The Spirit of Vatican II according to Pope Paul VI
Rev. Tim Daly and Karl A. Schultz
Blessed John XXIII is known for opening the Second Vatican Council, but Pope Paul IV's contribution to the council is rarely spoken of today. In this presentation, Father Daly will provide an overview of the Council and discuss the importance of a proper perspective on Vatican II and how this might be gained through careful consideration and application of key post-conciliar documents. In light of the New Evangelization, Karl will discuss key themes and overlooked contemporary applications of key documents promulgated by Pope Paul VI. Mr. Schultz will conclude by showing the extraordinary emphasis each of Paul's successors have given his teachings.
Se Hace Camino al Andar: Técnicas de Catequesis Para Enseñar Haciendo
Cirilo Diaz
Es mediante la práctica de la Catequesis que aprendemos a crecer y desarrollarnos en nuestro Ministerio. De la misma manera, solo cuando nuestros alumnos (niños, jóvenes y adultos) ponen en práctica lo que aprenden, van a vivir lo que enseñamos.
Tecnicas De Catequesis Para Una Educacion Religiosa Transformadora
Cirilo Diaz
La Catequesis es una acción educativa y para ayudarla a alcanzar su dimensión transformadora, necesitamos tener en cuenta y utilizar un conjunto de instrumentos y técnicas que están ahí pero que nunca hacemos uso de ellos.
Catechesis and Sacramental Preparation for Persons with Disabilities
Karen Duffy
This presentation focuses on teaching attendees of various developmental, cognitive and physical disabilities; developing a teaching plan; and continuing catechetical formation.
Teaching the Faith to 21st Century Thinkers
Daniel Ensell
This presentation aims to provide educators with both the mind frame and the tools that are needed to make the message of the Gospels relevant and obtainable to the 21st century learner.
Reencendiendo la fe: mi encuentro personal con Dios
Tomas Evans
Una presentación dinámica de reencender la fe, partiendo de un encuentro personal con Dios que nos acreciente la vida de oración y que se muestre en la alegría de compartir la Buena Nueva de Jesucristo con nuestros hermanos.
"Formar Lideres en Cristo" a través de una transformación espiritual
Bill Farrand
Los líderes de formación en la fe son agentes de la nueva evangelización y están llamados a "formar" a aquellos a quienes enseñan. Esta sesión se enfocará en las herramientas de "desarrollo humano integral". Estas herramientas serán utilizadas para discernir cuales son las necesidades de las comunidades donde servimos. De esta manera formaremos líderes que podrán inspirar en otros una transformación espiritual.
Caminando con los discípulos
Isabel Caridad Fernández, PhD
Explorando la obra de ministrar a los ministros ¿Qué dicen ejemplos en la biblia como Rut y Ester de servir con fidelidad y sinceridad? No elegimos a quién servimos - somos elegidos para servir a quien servimos. ¿Qué significa esto para nosotros como ministros para los discípulos?
Following Jesus for Grown-Ups
Isabel Caridad Fernández, PhD
Explore theological and practical concepts in Adult Faith Formation. We will look at best practices, theological underpinnings, and what it takes to get adults to "open the door of faith" instead of standing there and staring at it.
Ruth, Esther and Mary: Ministering to the Ministers
Isabel Caridad Fernández, PhD
This presentation looks at the work of ministering to the ministers through the eyes of these women from Scripture. What do their journeys of faith say about serving with faithfulness and open-heartedness? We don't get to choose who we minister to--we are chosen to serve whom we serve. What does this mean for us as leaders in ministry?
Planning for Engaging Lessons
Jacquelyn Flanigan. EdD
This presentation will provide participants a basic understanding and schema for lesson planning; includes handouts and examples.
The Exceptional Learner
Meagan Gallagher
This presentation shows hhow to reach and teach people with special needs while fully incorporating people with special needs into your classroom and your community. The presentation includes methodology for working with exceptional learners, a background of people with disabilities, identifying needs and resources of your community, and helping individuals with special needs to grow in their faith.
If Not You, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When? Young Disciples Living Out the Gospels 
Marie Gallo Lethcoe
Understanding and living out Catholic Social Justice can change the world! Join this 4-session track to learn about the Church's teaching on Social Justice and some very real ways to live the Gospel message in the world. Do you want to change the world?
Lectio Divina y Nueva Evangelizacion
Rev. Esaú N. Garcia
Este taller ofrecerá una metodología de lectura orante de las Sagradas Escrituras, como instrumento para la nueva evangelización. Por favor traer su Biblia.
Abre La Puerta de da Fe: La Hospitalidad Radical de Jesus
Rev. Msgr. Roberto Garza
Los cristianos (y de manera especial los catequistas) están llamados a ser eco o resonancia de la persona de Jesucristo y acompañar a otros en su peregrinar de fe. ¿Cómo prácticamente, podemos responder a la llamada que hace San Pablo de "ser todo para todos" por causa del Evangelio? ¿Cómo celebramos nuestra unidad católica inherente en medio de la pluralidad cultural y lingüística que influyen el mundo hoy día. ¿Cómo abrimos la puerta de la fe a los principios y practicas desde la óptica de Jesucristo y el evangelio.
Abre La Puerta De Fe: Conectando, Animando, Evangelizando en 2013
Rev. Msgr. Roberto Garza
Animando la participación de la gente y fomentando comunidades vibrantes en nuestras parroquias, escuelas y entidades eclesiales es suma importante. ¿Cómo establecemos una espiritualidad de acogida, que nace de nuestra esperanza, y que prende un deseo de conocer y compartir la fe católica? ¿Cómo podemos equiparnos a nosotros mismos (y a los demás) para que seamos católicos evangelizadores hoy día?
Open the Door Of Faith: The Radical Hospitality of Jesus
Rev. Msgr. Roberto Garza
Christians (and in particular catechists) are called to echo or resound the person of Jesus Christ as they accompany others on the journey of faith. How do we practically respond to the call of Saint Paul to become, "all things to all people" for the sake of the Gospel? How do we celebrate our inherent Catholic unity amidst the cultural and linguistic pluralities that shape today's world? How do we open the door of faith in principle and in practice from the lens of Jesus Christ and the Gospel
Open the Door Of Faith: Engaging, Energizing, Evangelizing In 2013
Rev. Msgr. Roberto Garza
Engaging people and fostering vibrant community in our parishes, schools, and ecclesial entities is vital. How do we establish a spirituality of welcome and hospitality that springs forth a hope and a desire to know and to share our Catholic Faith? How do we equip ourselves (and others) to be Catholic evangelizers in today's world?
Integrándonos Profundamente dentro de la Eucaristía: un Solo Cuerpo y una Gran Misión Parroquial
Rev. Miguel Gonzales
Muchas parroquias se llaman así mismas comunidades eucarísticas, un solo cuerpo en Cristo. ¿Qué quiere decir esto? ¿Cómo nos involucramos en la "fuente y la cima" de nuestras vidas de una manera que nos energiza para la misión más grande de la hospitalidad y la evangelización?
Diving Deeply into the Eucharist: the One Body and Large Mission of the Parish
Rev. Miguel Gonzales
Many parishes call themselves Eucharistic communities, one Body in Christ. What does this mean? How do we engage in the "source and summit" of our lives in a way that energizes us for the larger mission of hospitality and evangelization?
The RCIA and Marriage: "How Welcoming Can We Be?"
Very Rev. John Giel
Responding to those seeking full-initiation in the Catholic Church but who need annulments can be a challenge. In this workshop, explore the canonical and pastoral responses to address such circumstances through the RCIA. Consider the best approaches for the first encounter with prospective candidates. Review the requirements to be met prior to the Rite of Welcoming. Learn the Church's annulment procedures and how to stress encouragement and patience as the process unfolds.
Keeping the Faith in College and Beyond
Rick Grinstead
"I lost my faith in college" is an all too familiar phrase. This workshop on Catholic Campus Ministry will look at how and why we evangelize to college age students and the immediate need to equip our young adults for college.
Retreats, reflections, and righteous fun...practical practices for a vibrant youth ministry
Rick Grinstead
The course will offer participants easy to use ideas to enhance youth ministry in today's world.
El Año de la Fe: Cruzando el Mar con Cristo y la Iglesia
Rev. Alfredo I. Hernández, STL.
Esta presentación nos ayuda a reflexionar sobre la peregrinación del Año de la Fe, usando su logo como una manera de considerar el significado de este Año. The presentation offers a look at the journey of the Year of Faith, using its Logo as a way of considering the meaning of this year. El logo incluye un bote, rodeado por olas; el mástil, con la figura de Cristo en la Cruz; la vela, con el monograma de Jesús – IHS; y el sol, que es una figura para la Hostia Eucarística. Todos estos nos pueden ayudar a considerar el significado del Año de la Fe y profundizar nuestra propia fe en Cristo y en la Iglesia.
The Year of Faith: Crossing the Sea with Christ and the Church
Rev. Alfredo I. Hernández, STL.
The presentation offers a look at the journey of the Year of Faith, using its Logo as a way of considering the meaning of this year. The boat, surrounded by waves; the mast, with the figure of Christ on the Cross; the sail, with the monogram for Jesus – IHS; and the sun, a figure of the Eucharistic Host – all of these help us to consider the meaning of the Year of Faith and help us to deepen our own faith in Christ and the Church.
The Year of Faith: Putting Out Deeper in the Barque of Peter
Rev. Alfredo I. Hernández, STL.
The presentation continues the reflection on the meaning of the Year of Faith, for those who attended The Year of Faith: Crossing the Sea with Christ and the Church or El Año de la Fe: Cruzando el Mar con Cristo y la Iglesia. We will consider how some of the events of the Year of Faith, especially the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election and early months of the pontificate of Pope Francis, can help us to draw us deeper into the journey of faith.
La vida en Cristo. El camino con Dios (offered twice)
Manuel Hernandez
La Vida en Cristo: el camino con Dios se concentra en nuestra libertad y responsabilidad, la consciencia, las virtudes, la ley moral, y la gracia. Como la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia debe de guiar todas nuestras acciones La justicia social está ligada al bien común y al ejercicio de la autoridad. CIC 1828
Your New Neighbors in the Faith: The Former Anglicans
Rev. William P. Holiday
This workshop will start with a brief history of those Anglicans now in communion with the Catholic Church. There will then be an overview of the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus, that allowed for the establishment of personal Ordinariates for Anglicans. The culmination of the workshop will be an audience driven Q&A forum of relevant issues concerning the Ordinariates, e.g., liturgy, relations with the local Diocese, married priests, etc.
Liturgy of the Hours (offered twice)
Dennis Keller
This workshop is an introduction to Liturgy of the Hours, the second highest form of prayer in the Church. This workshop will provide information on the history, the spirituality, and the instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours.
The Crossroads of the Encounter with God and the Encounter with the World: The Mission of Social Justice
Sr. Ann Kendrick, SNDdeN & Nilka Melendez
This bilingual workshop will explore the deep personal and communal process of a profound hunger for God and an encounter with the deep realities of institutional and personal oppression and marginalization. How do these two paths intersect and lead to a vocation to sacred transformative work in the world? (Spanish & English)
Service Learning in Faith Formation
Sr. Ann Kendrick, SNDdeN & Nilka Melendez
This bilingual workshop will show how experiential learning experiences of service among materially poor and marginalized people can be a mutually transformative experience. We learn to better serve and serving we learn about ourselves and the world, and we find God in the process. This is an interactive and practical workshop based in real-life experiences. (English & Spanish)
It's All God's Anyway! Teaching True Stewardship to Children
Denise Kriscunas
Stewardship is not just for adults. It is important that young people also learn that they are greatly blessed by God and that God, in turn, expects them to share their blessings. Efforts to teach stewardship and giving to children are most successful if you concentrate on five basic concepts. Come and learn about these five concepts and how they can be discussed in the classroom, in children's liturgies and at home.
What's Your Purpose? How to Create A Personal Mission Statement
Denise Kriscunas
A mission statement is a brief, succinct, and focused statement of purpose. Jesus left us with the mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, and visit the imprisoned. What is your role in this mission? Just as organizations have mission statements that provide direction, individuals also must have a personal mission statement. In this workshop, we will discuss how to develop a personal mission statement that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of life's activities.
Pray All Ways
Denise Kriscunas
Our Catholic tradition offers us many different types of prayers. It is like a big garden of wild flowers and we can go in and pick and choose whatever is most appealing to us. And each time we go to the prayer garden we can choose a different flower, depending on our needs. We will discuss the different types of prayers and experience different ways of praying.
IQ, EQ and now GQ: The next level of Human Development
Rev. Tim LaBo, PhD
In 1995, Daniel Goleman, author of the famous landmark work, Emotional Intelligence, brought to the forefront society's need to embrace the challenge of developing a deeper awareness of how not just IQ, but emotions affect interactions and relationships. In this presentation, Fr. Tim will lay out the groundwork for the development of our faith intelligence or "GQ."
Leadership in the Digital Age
Rev. Tim LaBo, PhD
Catholicism has as its foundation the gathering of people to form community and share Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This workshop will explore the challenges and needed strategies to lead and gather communities of faith in the current digital environment. Emerging questions such as what constitutes Church and ministry, as well as leadership, will be addressed.
A Novel Idea: Alternatives for Young Catholic Readers
Lizette M. Lantigua
Lizette Lantigua is the author of the historical fiction novel for teens Mission Libertad (Pauline Books & Media). She has freelanced for Columbia Magazine, Florida Catholic, and Highlights for Children. She was a former newspaper reporter and Emmy-nominated television producer in South Florida. She is a current member of the Catholic Writer's Guild and the Society of Children's Book Writer's & Illustrators.
Christ on the Fringe
Amanda Livermore
In ministry, we have the opportunity to experience Christ in many different ways. Through mission work in severely impoverished areas, we see a new dimension of Christ...Christ on the fringe. This workshop will explore how missions can open our eyes to Christ in a new way, in others and in ourselves.
"Avivando una fe más profunda" en el Católico Complaciente
Alejandro Luciano
Alejandro Luciano es egresado de la Universidad de la Florida Central con un bachillerato en ciencias políticas y parte del liderazgo del ministerio de jóvenes adultos de la catedral de St. James. Como parte del personal de la oficina diocesana de Apoyo y Justicia, Alejandro trabaja con distintas parroquias y ministerios alrededor de la diócesis para implementar la misión social de la Iglesia.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Parish Life Make Faith Formation come alive for children, adults, families, and those with special needs
Heather Lusher and Terri Sills
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is based on the Bible, the liturgy of the Church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. Learn more about this exciting way to make Faith Formation come alive for all members of your parish family! CGS can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual participant, adapting easily when facilitated by a trained CGS catechist.
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd : A Way of Experiencing God With Children Bring catechesis alive with this hands-on Montessori approach to religious formation!
Heather Lusher and Terri Sills
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is based on the Bible, the liturgy of the church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. Learn more about this exciting way to make Faith Formation come alive for the children and the catechist. Experience some of the materials used in the "atrium," a specially-prepared environment for the children, and hear one of the presentations. CGS allows children and catechist to slow down, pray, reflect, wonder, and develop a joyful and loving relationship with God through Jesus, the Good Shepherd. This approach to catechesis is valuable in all settings and is also fruitful and effective with pre-schoolers and those with special needs.
Hug with God
Gloria Reinhardt Majerus
Prayer is key to relationship with Christ and our Christian development. It is part of every part of every Catechetical experience - but the question is how do we teach prayer effectively? How do we engage our children, youth and adults in prayer? How do we use scripture effectively in prayer? These and many other questions will be addressed in this workshop. This workshop would be useful for Catechists who teach all ages.
Hispanic Youth: Ministering to the Church of Today and Tomorrow
Rey Malavé
The reality of US-Latino Young Adults (Jóvenes) is unique. Some are monolingual, some are cross-cultural, and many work immediately after high school while others attend college. Regardless, they have one thing in common the Catholic Church is their home. Explore ways to attract and engage Hispanic Young Adults in your parish and consider ways to effectively minister with them.
Using Wikis to Organize your Ministry
Ruth E Manlandro
Wikis are wonderful collaborative tools. In this session you will learn how a team can collaborate and work together from any location to share and improve communication in the team. Learn what a wiki is, how to set one up, and add widgets that increases communication. Hear a Case Study of how the RCIA team at Cathedral Parish in the Diocese of St. Augustine learned how to use a wiki and what was done with it. Explore how Wikis can be used for other ministries.
Discernment: Where Faith and Action Meet
Tony Marco
"What should I do?" might be the most often asked question in life. As Catholics, we profess a faith in a God who is living and active in our lives. But do we let him into our decisions? This presentation will lay groundwork for what discernment is and what type of qualities we should strive for in order to discern rightly.
Theology: Faith Seeking Understanding
Tony Marco
Faith is a gift of God that should be honed and practiced. Theology is the science of faith seeking understanding. But how do we go about it? This presentation will lay groundwork for how we engage God intellectually through the Bible, Tradition, and our own experience.
More than embers from "The Flame"
Pat Markusic
An invitation to all who serve in the Catechumenate Process: When and how do we discover our personal journey of conversion? In ministry, we are so busy with the necessary tasks and paper work, of Ministry; calendars, gatherings, preparation for retreats, preparing for the Rites and on and on. Come to this presentation and take time to listen, reflect, and rediscover the Mystery we celebrate.
Space and Calendar Dilemma!
Pat Markusic
Classroom calendars do not always look like the Liturgical Calendar. How do we create an environment that is rich in symbol and color when the class calendar says "No Class" for Saints Christmas, Triduum, and Easter, etc. We will take a look at this during this presentation.
YCCP: Exploring, Preparing and Celebrating the Liturgical Year
Julie McAllister
This workshop is designed to prepare young people ministering in Faith Formation to be able to prepare and/or assist in non-Eucharistic Liturgies for Faith Formation sessions. It is also designed to promote youth participation in preparing liturgies and enable youth to encourage others to participate in the different liturgies in the parish.
Fé e Vida: Vivendo Contemplação em Ação
Claudia McFadden & Vanessa Russo
Na caminhada de fé, há uma conexão dinâmica entre o que acreditamos e como vivemos o nosso dia a dia como pessoas de fé. Através de uma fé viva, a certeza a respeito daquilo que não se vê é traduzida nos eventos diários; reconhecemos a presença de Deus em todo lugar e todo acontecimento. Contemplação é colocada em ação.
A Fé através de uma Espiritualidade de Intimidade com Deus: Eu Sei em Quem coloquei a Minha Confiança
Claudia McFadden & Vanessa Russo
Mais do que uma série de teorias, a Fé é relacionamento com Deus. Jesus tinha um profundo relacionamento com o Pai e por isso se entregou completamente à Sua vontade. Através de uma espiritualidade que busca uma amizade íntima com Deus, percebemos que não basta ter conhecimento sobre Deus. É preciso conhecer Deus; é preciso conhecer Aquele em quem coloquei a minha confiança.
Abre as Portas da Fé: Refletindo sobre a Profissão de Fé
Claudia McFadden & Vanessa Russo
A nossa fé católica tem uma forte dimensão comunitária. Professar a fé católica é participar da Tradição e do discernimento do Corpo de Cristo através dos séculos, partilada pelos batizados, abrindo as portas da fé de geração em geração.
We Are One Church; Let's Start Acting Like It!
Dan McGowan
Using the document, "Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers" (USCCB committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church), we are going to explore the five modules designed by the Bishops to help ministers build a basic level of awareness and proficiency in the area of intercultural competency.
Ask and You Shall Receive
Maggie McGowan
Interested in learning a method for bringing in money for a special project or trip for your youth/young adult ministry or faith formation? It's all in the "ask"! Come practice the strategies.
The Essential Marketing Toolkit for Your Ministry
Dawn Melcher
Get your ministry noticed. Get people talking about it. Attract new members. Retain existing participants. Discover the essential marketing tools for a successful ministry.
Open the Door of Faith, and LIVE...
Rev. Matt Mello
Catechists are driven by the pursuit of truth as found in the person of Jesus Christ and by a desire to share it with others. In this workshop, learn how to open the door of faith through the catechism and explore ways to seed a life of discipleship by the way you L-I-V-E (Love and Inspire Vibrant Evangelization).
La Realidad de las Familias de Hoy
Deacon Felix Montanez & Digna L Montañez, MSW
La familias de hoy son muy diferentes. Los niños enfrentan muchos retos en las familias. Este taller presentara las distintos tipos de familias como los son las Familias Combinadas o Mixtas; Padres o Madres solteros; las Familias Extendidas.
Forming Children of Character
Daniel S. Mulhall
Research shows that children who are raised with strong character traits lead healthier, holier lives than those who lack these strong traits. This presentation will identify the key character traits that children need, and will explore what catechists and catechetical leaders can do to assist parents in the formation of these traits.
Partnering With Parents: Creating Disciples in the Home
Daniel S. Mulhall
Church documents proclaim that parents are the primary catechists of their children. Research now proves just how true that statement is. This presentation will explore the important role of parents in the faith formation of their children and offer suggestions about what catechists and catechetical leaders can do to engage parents more effectively in the faith formation of their children.
Deacon Nuoc Dang
"Cánh cửa đức tin" - Porta fidei (X. Cv 14,27) dẫn Vào đời Sống hiệp thông với Thiên Chúa và vào Hội Thánh Vẫn luôn mở rộng cho chủng ta. Chúng ta có thể bước qua ngưỡng cửa đó khi Lời Chúa được loan báo Và để cho tâm hồn được ân thánh hiến đổi. Việc bước qua cánh cửa ấy kèm theo Sự dấn thân trong một hành trình kéo dài suốt đời. Hành trình này bắt đầu với bí tích Rứa Tội (X. Rm 6,4), nhờ đó chúng ta có thể gọi Thiên Chúa là Cha, Và kết thúc với sự tiến qua cái chết đi vào sự Sống đời đời, thành quả sự phục Sinh của Chúa Giêsu, Ðấng đã muốn cho tẩt cả những người tin nơi Ngài (X. Ga 17,22) được tham dụ cùng vinh quang của Ngài, nhờ hồng ân của Thánh Linh. (PF 1)
Mission Possible: Forming a Catholic Identity
Jo Ann Paradise, PhD
We hear so much about all the forces that act against helping children grow in holiness, that the task can almost seem impossible. This workshop will explore the implications of current research that helps us understand how children come to believe and practical ideas for helping them to know and love their Catholic faith.
Tuning In and Tuning Out
Jo Ann Paradise, PhD
How is it possible to share the treasure of our faith when Johnny won't stay in his seat or Susie keeps yelling out inappropriate comments? Is it a matter of teaching children how to follow rules or keeping them so tuned in they don't tune out? Maybe it is both. Join this workshop for practical tips that will help your faith formation sessions be the place where the voice of God is truly heard.
Lo que el catequista debe saber, poder hacer pero más que todo, ser
Fanny Cepeda Pedraza
El catequista debe conocer el mensaje, tener la habilidad para comunicarlo, pero ante todo, encarnarlo. Reflexionemos sobre la necesidad no solo de saber las enseñanzas de la Sagrada Escritura y la Tradición de la Iglesia, sino también de dar testimonio con la propia vida.
Social Media Evangelization
Teresa Peterson
Social Media is a powerful tool that, if used properly, can open the door of faith to your fans and followers. How can you include social media as part of your faith formation ministry and how do you remain compliant with Diocese of Orlando guidelines? This workshop will help you to be social media savvy. During the class, we will create a Facebook page and learn basic ways to create compelling, Catholic content as well as eye-catching graphics and images.
Video Evangelization
Teresa Peterson
Pastoral recommendations for the Year of Faith invite the faithful to communicate their own experience of faith and charity to their brothers and sisters of other religions, believers and non-believers. One way to do this is through the creation of a short video testimonial that can be uploaded to the "Sharing my Faith" App, developed by the Diocese of Orlando. During this session, participants will learn how to shoot, edit, and submit videos. These skills can be used to produce YouTube videos about your parish ministries and also "how to" videos such as "How to Make an Advent Wreath" or "How to Pray the Rosary." "How to" videos are a big trend on YouTube.
Ministry as Profession and Vocation
Basil H. Pflumm
Ministry both within the church and in the marketplace is a sacred trust. In ministry, the minister is being Christ to those they encounter. In the Catholic Christian Tradition, years of preparation are required before the minister is entrusted with individual faith journeys. Professionals often voluntarily subscribe to codes of ethics and standard of performance that include updating skills and knowledge. The question for this session: Is there sufficient attention for credentialing and updating of the knowledge and skills of ministers?
Stained Glass and Other Permanent Liturgical Art Forms
Jim Piercey
The presentation will be a PowerPoint presentation of historical and contemporary stained glass windows and how their proper use can enhance the worship environment. Also included will be ideas that a committee could use to proceed in commissioning stained glass, baptismal fonts, altars, ambos, ambries, mosaics, etc., as works of art. If time permits, we will attempt a simple demonstration of how a stained glass window is made.
Listening to God With an Expectant Heart
Kathleen Power, SSJ
My thesis: When we expect God to speak, we learn how to hear Him.
Organizing Your Ministry
Henry Justin Reyes
As ministry leaders, we can tend to feel like we are being pulled in a thousand different directions. This workshop will give you applicable tools to organize your ministry to be more efficient and effective, as you learn how to create a vision, strategic plan, organizational chart, and more for your ministry. Perfect for youth and young adult ministry leaders, the principles we discuss will be applicable to all ministries. So join us to make a plan, get organized, be more effective, and avoid getting burnt out.
Compartiendo la Buena Nueva eficazmente
Marjorie Rosa
Marjorie es la Directora de la Emisora Diocesana en español, Buena Nueva FM. Posee una Maestría en Comunicaciones y una Maestría en Administración de Empresas. Apasionada de las comunicaciones, la buena lectura, los ratos en familia y la fotografía.
Liturgy and the Eighty Percent: Liturgical and Catechetical Ministers Unite
Michael Ruzicki
Disciples Called to Witness says "we are called to invite our missing brothers and sisters back to life in the Church." It is reported that approximately 80% of Catholics are not regularly attending Sunday Eucharist. We explore innovative methods learned from the catechumenate and used to train your lay catechetical and liturgical and ministers to welcome our "prodigal children" back to the feast.
What the RCIA Can Teach Us About the New Evangelization
Michael Ruzicki
The New Evangelization calls all Catholics to engage in a personal encounter with the person of Jesus. Furthermore, in Porta Fidei, we are reminded that the Church community needs "to rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating the faith. Whether on a pastoral staff, parish council, or adult faith formation committee, we gather to discuss how the vision of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults can assist in our mission of the New Evangelization by providing a lens through which people experience the Church and world around them.
Re-proposing Sunday's Gospel for a Culture of Witness
Michael Ruzicki
The Sunday readings aren't just for Sunday. The lectionary readings guide us through our entire faith journey. This session will explore how preparing for the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist can enhance the liturgical experience of all: young, old, and especially somewhere in-between. This session will assist you in animating the faithful of your parish in witnessing to the re-proposed Gospel message past the confines of the church parking lot and into the hearts and minds of others. Participants (teachers, catechists, RCIA team members, and liturgists) in this session will be given practical advice and examples to best prepare, celebrate, and reflect upon the Good News we proclaim every week.
From Womb to Tomb: Baptisms and Funerals as Instruments of the New Evangelization
Michael Ruzicki
Many of our brothers and sisters who are away from the Table of the Lord return to our parish pews at the times of baptisms and funerals. This session unites clergy, catechetical leaders, pastoral liturgists, and music ministers in exploring these liturgies through the key components found in Disciples Called to Witness: conversion, leadership, catechesis, prayer, preaching, a team approach, and an atmosphere of hospitality and trust.
Family Life as a Vocation
Gigi Santiago
This workshop explains how "the family is, in a sense, a school for human enrichment." Together, as a group and church, we will define what Family Life is, as a vocation and how as a church we can empower family members to live their faith through scripture and Church documents in all stages of life.
Patristic Perspectives/ Contemporary Challenges: Understanding the Eucharist then and now
Rev. Giles Schinelli, TOR
Engage in guided interactive dialogue with fellow participants while studying and contrasting (1) three of St. Augustine's Eucharistic homilies designed for the newly initiated and (2) contemporary images for a Eucharistic spirituality.
First Step: Orientation for New Members
Rev. David Scotchie
Many join a parish in order that their children receive the sacraments. Once their children have received the sacraments, they stop coming. Changing that cycle starts with the first meeting. How might a parish welcome these new families? How might this be an opportunity for conversion? Bring your experiences to share. "...with a little child to guide them" (Isaiah 11:6).
Jesus of Nazareth: What He Wanted, Who He Was
Rev. David Scotchie
Gerhard Lohfink's book Jesus of Nazareth was among the Best Books of 2012. We will discuss what Jesus proclaimed, his vision of the reign of God, and his formation of the people of God. Bring your Bible!
Mary and the Saints, Mirror and Models
Rev. David Scotchie
Mary and the Saints, like a mirror, reflect God. They model our response to God. Bring the story of your patron saint to share. Learn church teaching on Mary, both traditional and modern. "Mary is a woman who loves. How could it be otherwise?"― Pope Benedict XVI, God Is Love--Deus Caritas Est: Encyclical Letter
"Enkindling Deeper Faith" in the Complacent Catholic
Deborah Stafford Shearer
Bishop John Noonan has set a new vision for the Diocese of Orlando that incorporates three priorities: Enkindling Deeper Faith, Forming Leaders in Christ, and Harmonizing Ministries. This workshop will examine one of these priorities in depth and how catechesis of the social teaching of the Church can be a catalyst for deepening and enriching the faith of practicing and non-practicing Catholics alike.
Stewardship: A Disciple's Response
Rev. Patrick Sheedy
The fundamental building-block of all spirituality is understanding that our time, talent, and treasure come from God (i.e. all that we have and all that we are). So our natural response is to develop and share these gifts and to return them to God through others. In this workshop, we will explore the principles of stewardship and look at ways to apply them in your personal and parish lives. Good stewardship creates Christian community. Come and see how it can transform you, your family, and your parish.
The Power of Prayer Through PowerPoint
Jackie Smart
Surroundings can have a significant influence on both catechetical and spiritual experiences. As Catholics, our faith is rich in prayers, sounds, images, symbols, and various cultural traditions. However, due to shared spaces, financial concerns, and setup times, it is often difficult to incorporate environmental factors into our Faith Formation programs. Yet, many of us have PowerPoint on our computers and have access to at least one projector in the parish. This workshop will demonstrate how you can affect the ambiance of your lessons and prayerful retreats through imagery, music, and video using PowerPoint. In addition, creative methods of presenting your messages, including addressing bilingual and cultural aspects, will be shared.
Engaging Parishes In Stewardship
Peggy H. Smith
Engaging your parishioners in stewardship is as necessary as a farmer preparing the soil. Discover the joy and challenge of living the stewardship way of life as it leads to discipleship; learn the four pillars of parish stewardship; and view a five-year stewardship plan for Catholic Christian stewards.
A Parish-Based Approach to Catechesis for Children with Developmental Disabilities (offered twice)
Deacon R. Lawrence Sutton, Ph.D.
In the U.S., it is estimated that one in every 88 children is affected by autism. Many of these children are Catholic. Deacon Sutton presents details of a method of catechesis for faith formation and sacramental preparation that was created, field tested, and produced to prepare children with developmental disabilities to enter the Catholic Church as prepared as possible as adults upon the receipt of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Meaningful Ministry and Preparation to Those with Developmental Disabilities needs and their Families
Deacon R. Lawrence Sutton, PhD
As the Church, we are concerned that all of our families, especially those with children with Developmental Dishabilles, are welcomed into our communities. Deacon Sutton will present a program on catechesis for faith formation and sacramental preparation that was created, field tested, and produced to prepare children with developmental disabilities, especially autism, to enter our Church as prepared as they are able, once they are Confirmed. This unique program features teen Catechists teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Priere,Chant, Musique, Danse :Moteurs D' Elevation De L' Ame Et Catalyseur A La Foi
Jean Robert Themistocle
Le peuple haitien est un peuple qui prie, chante et danse, en toutes circonstances. Loin de traduire une insouciance, cet aspect de la culture éclairé de l' Evangile, animé de la prière est un puissant moteur d'élévation de l'åme, un catalyseur à la foi, un elixir de vie contre toute tentative de découragement ou de depression.
Small Christian Communities: Living Gospel Values in the 21st Century
Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
The basic purpose of small Christian communities is to create an environment in which people can grow in openness to the Gospel. Gospel values are more important today than ever before. What are they? How do small Christian communities give life to them through witness and evangelization?
Overview of Why Catholic? Year 4
Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
This workshop is designed for all those who will be participating in the final year of Why Catholic? in their parish. The topic for year 4 is Life in Christ: Walking with God. It looks at biblical justice and presents the principals of Catholic social teaching. The topics covered will include: the Beatitudes, our freedom and responsibility, conscience, virtues, moral law, sin, mercy, grace, and the Church and the implications of the Ten Commandments. To help small group participants be better informed, Sr. Pat, from RENEW International will present a brief overview of Church teaching in these areas. There will also be time to give feedback to Sr. Pat about your parish's experience with Why Catholic?.
Three Resources That Can Be Used By Small Groups Wanting to Pray and Learn Together
Rev. Eamon Tobin and Deacon Michael McElwee, PhD
Participants will be introduced to an easy-to-use resource on the Sunday Readings, the Books of the Old Testament, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and be shown how they can use the materials in a small group setting.
Of Faith & Vision: True Catholic Conversion Illuminated
Daniel Trout
We call many Catholics who were received as adults "converts," but what does an authentic conversion actually mean spiritually? What makes becoming Catholic so affirming, especially for former Protestants? A one-time Fundamentalist and Anglican priest explains what truth, goodness, and beauty one discovers in the Church, and how all Catholics can benefit from genuine conversions.
Reading the Times Ecumenically: Catholics & Protestants Sharing Worldviews
Daniel Trout
Our presuppositions about Church and Culture greatly influence how we understand the nature and events of our world. How do diverse perspectives on ecclesiology and evangelization among Christian groups affect involvement? Learn how ecumenical dialogue can mutually inform both Catholics and Protestants to better discern the "spirit of the age" and redeem the time and space around us.
Catequesis activa y enganchadora
Victor Valenzuela
La catequesis es un proceso de acompañamiento donde el catequista motiva a la persona a conocer a Cristo a un nivel más profundo. Para motivar a los alumnos hay que usar todas las herramientas disponibles. En este taller veremos cómo podemos animar a las personas usando los diferentes estilos de aprendizaje. La teoría de inteligencias múltiple nos dice que los humanos tienen la capacidad para aprenden en diferentes modos. Para poder dar una catequesis completa tenemos que entender esta teoría y como utilizarla en nuestras enseñanzas. A través de este taller descubriremos nuestras capacidades y como podemos catequizar para que todos lleguen mas cerca a Jesús nuestro salvador.
Sembrando La Palabra: Como preparar y organizar la catequesis
Victor Valenzuela
La clave para ser un buen catequista es estar preparado y organizado. La organización no tiene que ser complicada ni difícil. En este taller veremos como un catequista comprometido puede organizarse. También veremos estrategias efectivas para la planificación de la clase de religión. En este taller, vernos usos efectivos de la nueva tecnología o todas las herramientas catequéticas como el guía del catequista y inteligencias múltiple.
Sowing the Word: How to Organize and Prepare Your Catechetical Session
Victor Valenzuela
The key to being a good catechist is to be organized and prepared. Being organized does not have to be complicated or difficult. In this workshop, we will see how a dedicated catechist can take some simple steps to be organized. We will also explore effective strategies for planning and fun and engaging catechetical session. This workshop will also employ effective uses of technology and other catechetical tools such as teacher's guides, manipulative, and multiple intelligence.
The Christ-Centered Spirituality of the Catechist
Sr. Susan Miriam Wolf, FSP
Christ has always been at the heart of catechesis, and in order to be an effective catechist, one must have an intimate union with Him. This encompasses all the aspects of one's being and one's teaching.

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Speaker Biographies

Written by

Karen Agnello

Karen Agnello is a member of Nativity Catholic Church, Longwood. She has a Masters in Religious Education from Loyola University New Orleans, and was commissioned by Bishop John Noonan for service after completing CLEM (Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministry), a three-year formation program for developing lay ecclesial ministers. Her ministry focuses on facilitating adult learning and spiritual development in adult faith formation, book discussions, and bible study.

Margie Garland-Aguilar

Margie Garland-Aguilar has served the Diocese of Orlando Office of Catholic Schools since August 2006 as the Director for Instructional Technology and is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the instructional technology needs in the diocesan schools. She graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a BS in Industrial Engineering. Prior to her current position, Garland-Aguilar worked at UCF for seven years as the Coordinator for the Faculty Multimedia Center and Network Manager for the Office of Instructional Resources.

Jon Arguello

Jon Arguello is the director of marketing and development for the Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orlando. He came to Diocese after serving for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and prior to that served two tours in Afghanistan as an Army photojournalist and public affairs specialist.

Skip Bacon

Skip Bacon currently serves as director of religious education at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. Bacon has nearly 10 years of parish experience, with a focus on Hispanic Ministry and Whole Parish Catechesis. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with undergraduate degrees in theology and Spanish and a MA in theology. (Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor)

Skip Bacon sirve como directora de educación religiosa de Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo Iglesia Católica en la Diócesis de Rockford cerca de Chicago, Illinois. Bacon ha trabajado por casi 10 años en las iglesias Católicas con su énfasis en el Ministerio Hispano y la Catequesis de Toda la Parroquia. Ella tiene una diploma en teología y español y una maestría en teología de la Universidad de Notre Dame.

Joseph E. Belinski, PhD

Dr. Joseph Belinski has served as Director of School Planning at the Diocese of Orlando since 2009. Prior to joining the Diocese, he completed a career in the U.S. Navy as a pilot, reaching the rank of Captain. His previous experiences include working as a professor at Annapolis, serving as curriculum chair for a four-year international college, and being a director of the Navy’s Seahawk (Blackhawk) Flight Training University. He holds degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy, Golden Gate University, the U.S. Naval War College, a Ph.D. from Barry University, and is designated a government Education and Training Specialist. He and his family are members of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Kissimmee.

Rev. Karl Bergin

Born in Ballacolla, County Laois, Ireland, Father Karl Bergin grew up in a rural village and attended Catholic schools during his youth. Most of his Priestly Formation was at St. Patrick’s College in Carlow. Fr. Bergin is certified as a Hospital Chaplain and in Prison Ministry. He was ordained to the Priesthood on May 29, 2004 and has served in four parishes in the Diocese of Orlando – St. Margaret Mary (Winter Park), St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Cloud), Divine Mercy (Merritt Island) and Our Lady of Lourdes (Melbourne), where he is now pastor. He enjoys meeting people, travel to Ireland and exercising, specifically cycling.

Rev. Benjamin Berinti, CPpS, PhD

Fr. Benjamin Berinti is a Missionary of the Most Precious Blood serving the Diocese of Orlando as the Director of Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Central Florida. A well-respected teacher, retreat leader, and writer, Fr. Berinti engages the ministry of Word and Sacrament through a variety of avenues. Father Berinti has also authored a number of books.

Arlene Bieliski

Arlene Bieliski is a parishioner at St. Matthew Catholic Church, Winter Haven, who assists the parish in the liturgical environment. She grew up in Chicago and studied art, design, and dress design. She made her first church banner in 1967 and continues to develop her techniques. She has served on Art and Environment Committees.

Deacon and Mrs. Michael J. Biennas, Jr.

Deacon Mike Biennas is a Deacon in the Diocese of Orlando who was ordained to the permanent diaconate in June 2000. Together they have been involved in a number of ministries from Marriage Encounter Team, Facilitating Deacon couple retreats and The Apostleship of the Sea. Deacon Biennas and his wife, Dolly, attended the Global Fellow Ambassador training in Baltimore, Md.. Deacon Biennas spent 10 days earlier this summer in Madagascar for the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Immersion program, to witness firsthand the role of CRS in that country and personally get to know the people.

Mary Birmingham

Mary Birmingham is the Director of Music, Liturgy and Initiation at Ascension Catholic Church, Melbourne, where she oversees all music and liturgical ministries. She has a Masters Degree in Liturgy and Theology from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minn. She is a facilitator for the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, a clinician who travels extensively throughout the United States and Canada and author of seven books.

Stephanie Bosse

Stephanie Bosse has worked with the Diocese of Orlando Office of Advocacy and Justice as the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Program Coordinator and Fair Trade Ambassador since 2006. Bosse provides regular contributions to the Florida Catholic, assists in developing retreats for parishes that are published by CRS to educate about Fair Trade, presents workshops locally and nationally, and is the first CRS recognized Fair Trade Ambassador in the United States.

Rev. Gaetan Boursiquot

Le pere Gaetan Boursiquot travaille comme directeur de la Pastorale Haitienne d’Orlando, depuis tantot  7 annees.

Mike Buckler

Mike Buckler serves as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Ormond Beach. Additionally, he teaches catechist and youth ministry training courses for the Diocese of Orlando, as well as Notre Dame’s online Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP). Buckler has more than 10 years of experience in youth ministry, including involvement in a number of Catholic schools, parish youth ministries, and retreat programs.

Thomas Burns, MA, LMHC

Thomas Burns is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. His insurance referrals include patients for Employee Assistance Program counseling Burns holds an M.A. in Counseling from Rollins College and an M.A. in Theology from the Washington Theological Union.

Nahun Cano

Trabajando con los jóvenes adultos de nuestra comunidad de Orlando desde hace 4 años ayudando a crear comunidad y liderazgo. Estudios en liderazgo para ministros laicos a través del programa Limex de la Universidad de Loyola.

Sister Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF

Sister Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, is a leader in faith-based learning technology. She brings the experience of teaching at Catholic high school and college levels, involvement in parish religious education as a diocesan director and consultant, parish pastoral associate, and involvement in educational technology in the publishing industry. She blogs via ACyberPilgrim and Catechesis20, tweets via @ccerveny, involves other faith ministers in the Digital Catechesis online network and is the founder of INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS, which focuses on training catechetical ministers to engage in the digital culture.

Rev. Tom Connery

Father Tom Connery is pastor of Saint Peter Catholic Church, DeLand. He was ordained a priest in 1983.

Bruce Croteau

Bruce Croteau is an experienced Pastoral Musician and Liturgist and currently serves as the Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of Orlando and St. James Cathedral. He earned the Master of Music and Worship degree from the University of Portland, Oregon. Prior to his current position in Orlando, Bruce served as Pastoral Associate for Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, Washington, DC.  His articles have appeared in liturgical resources and journals including Pastoral Music (National Association of Pastoral Musicians), AIM (World Library Publications), Why We Sing What We Sing and Do What We Do at Mass (NPM Publications, 2010) and Perspectives on Participation (WLP, 2011.)

Rev. Tim Daly & Karl A. Schultz

Father Tim Daly is the pastor of the Basilica of St. Paul, Daytona Beach, and is the Catholic Chaplain at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has worked with youth and young adults throughout his career as a priest, university professor, and school teacher.

Karl A. Schultz has published 13 books on biblical spirituality and personal development, and has lectured internationally on Lectio Divina, suffering, care-giving, time and stress management, Theology of the Body, the book of Job, the creation stories in Genesis, human development, and the teachings and papacy of Pope Paul VI. He has appeared on numerous EWTN programs, and has produced a teaching series on Lectio Divina and the Holy Family that will air in 2014. His website is

Pat DeSilvestro, MA, LMHC

Pat DeSilvestro has served in the Diocese of Orlando in various ministries since 1980. DeSilverstro has worked as the Music/Liturgy Director at St. Joseph, Lakeland; as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Director of St. Francis Shelter for Women at Catholic Charities, Lakeland; and is presently as Director of Pastoral Ministry at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Lakeland.

Cerilo Diaz

Cirilo Díaz tiene más de cuarenta años como catequista y ha sido Director de Educación Religiosa  en diferentes parroquias de los Estados Unidos y en Republica Dominicana. Actualmente tiene tres años ejerciendo este Ministerio en la Parroquia Santa Clara de Deltona, Florida.

Karen Duffy

Karen Duffy is a parishioner at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church, Orlando, who assists the Office of Faith Formation. Duffy has more than 35 years professional experience working with people who have varying degrees of developmental and physical abilities. Duffy has 25 years’ experience in the parish setting, with focus a on sacramental preparation and life-long learning.

Daniel Ensell

Daniel Ensell is the head of the Theology Department and Campus Minister at Melbourne Central Catholic High School. He is currently working towards a M.A. in Religious Education at Fordham University.

Tomas Evans

Director de la Oficina del Ministerio Hispano y fundador de la Academia Inmaculada Concepción. Graduado del CLEM y catequiesta certificado de la Diócesis de Orlando. Casado dos hijos, dos nietos y un enamorado de la Lectio Divina.

Bill Farrand

Bill Farrand se unió al equipo de Catholic Relief Services en 1997 como asesor técnico de microfinanza, luego fungió como director de los programas de microfinanzas en el Perú, y subsecuentemente fue enviado a Bolivia como representante de CRS para ese país. Recientemente, Bill ha trabajado como director regional de Caridades Católicas en la Florida Central dentro de la diócesis de Orlando, también trabajó como gerente de operaciones para el Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network en Washington, DC antes de regresar a CRS como gerente de relaciones para acercamiento a comunidades diversas.

Isabel Caridad Fernández, PhD

Isabel Caridad Fernandez, PhD. is currently the Director of Faith Formation at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Kissimmee.  She is also an instructor for various diocesan programs which help certify catechists and Catholic school teachers as well as in Lay Ministry, focusing on the areas of Social ethics, scripture, church history, justice, and sacraments and more. Fernandez has a doctorate in Theology from the University of Dayton.

Isabel Caridad Fernández, PhD. es actualmente la Directora de Formación en la Fe en la Iglesia Holy Redeemer en Kissimmee, Florida. También un instructor para diversos programas diocesanos que ayudan a certificar catequistas y maestros de escuelas católicas, así como en el Ministerio Laico, centrándose en las áreas de la ética social, escritura, historia de la iglesia, la justicia, los sacramentos y más. Isabel obtuvo el doctorado en Teología por la Universidad de Dayton, una universidad católica en Dayton, Ohio.

Jacquelyn Flanigan, EdD

Dr. Flanigan is the current Associate Superintendent for the Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orlando.  She holds a Bachelor’s from Indiana University and Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction and Doctorate in Education from the University of Central Florida.

Meagan Gallagher

Meagan Gallagher currently serves as the Residential Programs Manager at Bishop Grady Villas, where she has worked since 2007. Gallagher started her career working with people with disabilities as a volunteer in 1997 serving children with physical disabilities at a residential summer camp. Since then she has dedicated her personal and professional life to working and volunteering with people with disabilities. Gallagher has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and She completed the Crummer Management Program through the Roy E. Crummer Graduate School of Business in 2012. She is also a certified instructor of the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program.

Marie Gallo-Lethcoe

Marie Gallo-Lethcoe has worked for the Diocese of Orlando for the past 28 years. Currently, she is a fulltime teacher of Theology at Father Lopez Catholic High School in Daytona Beach; a consultant for the William H. Sadlier Company; and a facilitator for the University of Dayton Virtual Learning Community. Gallo-Lethcoe is a well-known speaker throughout the Diocese and has led retreats and presentations through the country. She has a Masters Degree in Theology with a concentration in Scripture from the University of Dayton. 

Rev. Esaú N. Garcia

Padre Esaú N. García fue ordenado Sacerdote en el año 1987 por el Papa Juan Pablo II. STL de la Pontificia Universidad Gregoriana. Es Pastor de Holy Cross desde el año 2003.

Very Rev. John Giel, VG

Father John Giel is the Diocese of Orlando’s Chancellor for Canonical Affairs. He is also pastor of St. Paul Catholic Community in Leesburg. He also oversees the Catholic Community Television Network (CCTN).

Rev. Miguel Gonzalez

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Fr. Gonzalez was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Orlando on May 23, 1998. He has served as parochial vicar at the Cathedral Church of St. James, Orlando. and St. John Vianney Parish, Orlando. For ten years, he said the Spanish televised Mass on Telemundo channel 40. And he served for ten years as a member of the Board of Trustees for Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando. On December 15, 2004 Bishop Thomas Wenski named Fr. Miguel full time Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Orlando. He is currently Pastor of St. John Vianney Church in Orlando.

Rick Grinstead

Rick Grinstead is the youth minister at Saint Peter Catholic Church, DeLand, and campus minister at Stetson University, where he has since 2007. He has been serving in youth ministry since 1997. Grinstead is a nationally known speaker and presenter and has a passion for College Ministry.

Rev. Alfredo I. Hernandez, STL

Father Alfredo I. Hernández is a priest of the Diocese of Palm Beach and serves as Dean of Pastoral Formatino at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Boynton Beach. Ordained in 1992, he holds Masters in Divinity and Master of Arts in Theology degrees from St. Vincent de Paul, and a License in Sacred Theology from the Gregorian University, Rome. From 1999-2013, he was pastor of St. Juliana Catholic Church, West Palm Beach. (Sponsored by Pflaum Publishing Group.)

Manuel Hernandez

Manuel Hernandez ministers in various dioceses helping to implement ¿Por qué ser católico ? and LEVÁNTATE. Unámanos en Cristo with the Latino community. He holds a BS in Business Administration from Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., and an MA in Pastoral Ministry from Fordham University. Currently Hernandez is a doctoral candidate in ministry at Barry University, Miami Shores. Before coming to RENEW in 2002, Mr. Hernandez was involved in parish ministry in the Dominican Republic, in the Archdiocese of New York, and in the Diocese of Paterson, N.J. Sponsored by RENEW International.

Rev. William P. Holiday

Fr. William Holiday is the pastor of Incarnation Catholic Church, a parish of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, located in Orlando. He was born and raised in the Cincinnati area, but has lived in the Central Florida area since 1987.  He received a Masters of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), and served as both a Presbyterian and Anglican minister. Along with the congregation of Incarnation, he was received into the Catholic Church in September 2012, and ordained to the Catholic priesthood by Bishop John Noonan in December 2012.

Dennis Keller

Dennis Keller was born in the Philippines and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He has many years of experience in campus ministry and has been a speaker/musician for conferences and parish missions nationwide, including diocesan events and organizations like Maggie’s Place; LifeTeen; Institute for Priestly Formation, Steubenville; and Mercy Reigns. He is a missionary with MaryMotherChurch, established to be of service to the Holy Father and the Magisterium by helping people pray.

Ann Kendrick SNDdeM & Nilka Melendez

Sister Ann Kendrick, SND de N, is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who has served in the Diocese of Orlando since 1971. She has worked with farmworkers, immigrants, and other communities of color. She is an advocate for social justice and a worker for the personal and social transformation.

Nilka Melendez is Director, Youth Services, Hope Community Center, Apopka. Melendez hails from Puerto Rico and came to do a year of community service with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteer Americorps Program. Finding her niche in life, she stayed to develop the youth outreach program of Hope Community Center.  A recent graduate of the Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministry program, she has much practical experience as well as solid grounding in the foundations of Catholic spirituality and traditions.

Denise Kriscunas

Denise Kriscunas is the Director of Faith Formation and Liturgy at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church, Orlando. She is a graduate from Loyola University New Orleans and has more than 20 years experience as a trainer with Walt Disney World.  She is currently facilitating the Loyola LIM program and several DCCP classes in the Diocese of Orlando.

Rev. Timothy LaBo, PhD

Fr. Tim LaBo currently serves as the pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Kissimmee. Fr. LaBo has been a priest of the Diocese of Orlando for 27 years and has served in various capacities, including Director of HIV/AIDS Ministry for our Diocese, Reserve Navy Chaplain, Pastor, and Executive Editor of the Florida Catholic. He earned his PhD from Barry University in 2005 in Educational Leadership, specializing in Leadership Studies.

Lizette M. Lantigua

Lizette Lantigua is the author of the historical fiction novel for teens Mission Libertad (Pauline Books & Media). She has freelanced for Columbia Magazine, Florida Catholic, and Highlights for Children. She was a former newspaper reporter and Emmy-nominated television producer in South Florida. She is a current member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild and the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s & Illustrators.

Amanda Livermore

Amanda Livermore is the Assistant Director of the Mission Office for the Diocese of Orlando. She has served missions in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and the United States and is completing the Master’s program at Loyola University for Pastoral Ministry.

Alejandro Luciano

Alejandro Luciano es egresado de la Universidad de la Florida Central con un bachillerato en ciencias políticas y parte del liderazgo del ministerio de jóvenes adultos de la catedral de St. James. Como parte del personal de la oficina diocesana de Apoyo y Justicia, Alejandro trabaja con distintas parroquias y ministerios alrededor de la diócesis para implementar la misión social de la Iglesia.

Heather Lusher & Terri Sills

Heather Lusher is a catechist at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, Oviedo, where she tries to integrate her Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) training into a traditional Faith Formation program as much as possible. She completed her CGS Level I training while living near Pittsburgh, Pa., and was able to experience the joy of listening to God with children in an atrium there. After relocating to Florida, Lusher has kept CGS burning in her heart and has been looking for ways to share her CGS training and experience.

Terri Shills is a catechist at Ascension Catholic Church, Melbourne, which opened a CGS Level 1 Atrium in August 2013.  Shills became a CGS catechist in 1996 and is trained in all three levels of CGS (ages 3-12) and has used CGS for parent education as well as adult Faith Formation. Shills’ passion for CGS began the first time she witnessed the way the bond between the child and God is nurtured in the atrium.

Rey Malavé

Rey Malavé is currently a Consultant of Hispanic Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Orlando. He has been involved in this ministry for more than 31 years. He served as the president of the National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (La Red) from 1999 to 2005. He was the National Chairman for the First National Encuentro of Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry in 2006. In 2006 he received the Archbishop Flores Medal award from the USCCB Bishops’ Committee of Hispanic Affairs for his work throughout the years. He also received the National Youth Ministry Award for Multicultural Gifts given by National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry.

Gloria Reinhardt Majerus

Gloria Reinhardt Majerus received her Masters in Religious Studies from Boston College.  She has worked in Religious Education at the parish, school and diocesan levels. Her positions have included: Associate Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Wilmington, DE; Diocesan Coordinator of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Richmond, VA; Religion Department Chairperson for a Catholic High School; Director of Religious Education, Director of Adult Faith Formation, Campus Minister, Human Sexuality trainer and Retreat Director. She has given workshops and keynote presentations throughout the country.  Presently Gloria is a Religious Education consultant for Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division. 

Ruth E. Manlandro

Ruth Manlandro spent five and a half years in parochial education as a K-8 Computer teacher and Technology Coordinator at Cathedral Parish School, St Augustine, Fla. As the Diocese of St. Augustine began to develop its services to the schools, Manlandro volunteered her services as Diocesan Technology Coordinator. She is currently an Instructor of Computer Science at St. Johns River State College. She also serves in her home parish, Cathedral Parish, St Augustine, Fla., as the Catechist for RCIA adapted for children. Ruth is a member of the Florida Leadership Council for the Discovery Educator Network which provides professional development in educational technology for teachers.

Tony Marco

Tony Marco has been a lay campus minister with Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF for the past five years.  He holds a bachelors degree in philosophy and is finishing his Masters of Arts in Theology.

Pat Markusic

Pat Markusic is a Pastoral Associate at Nativity Catholic Church, Longwood. She has been in Catechumenate Ministry for over 25 years and has served as Chair of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Diocesan Ceremonies Committee, Diocesan Catechumenate Planning Committee and the Diocesan Rites and Sacraments Committee. She received the Egeria Award for the Office of Liturgy in 2007.

Julie McAllister

Julie is employed full time at St. Theresa Catholic Church in the wonderful community of Belleview, Florida-just north of the Villages. She works with children, youth, young adults and the older population to share the good news of the gospel in all areas of faith formation.

Claudia McFadden & Vanessa Russo

Claudia McFadden é coordenadora da Renovação Carismática Católica na Florida, com anos de experiência em pregação e formação. Vanessa Russo é ministra eclesial pela Diocese de Orlando, coordenadora dos grupos do ‘Porque Ser Católico?’ em Português, com foco pastoral em catequese e formação para adultos.

Dan McGowan

Dan McGowan currently serves as the Director of Faith Formation at the Church of the Resurrection, Lakeland. McGowan has more than 25 years experience in this role through his service at several parishes. McGowan graduated from Fordham University with a MA in Religious Education. (Sponsored by William H. Sadlier, Inc.)

Maggie McGowan

Maggie was invited to be part of a youth ministry leadership team when she was 18 and has continued in the ministry. After receiving her Masters in Faith Formation/Youth Ministry from Fordham University, she returned to Florida and is beginning her 22nd year at Church of the Resurrection in Lakeland, where she currently serves as Director of Youth Ministry. (Sponsored by William H. Sadlier, Inc.)

Dawn Melcher

Dawn Melcher currently serves the Diocese of Orlando as Regional Marketing Director for Brevard and Volusia Catholic Schools. She develops marketing and communications programs to increase awareness, retention, and enrollment among the Catholic schools. During her career, Melcher specialized in the creation and implementation of customized strategic marketing programs for businesses within a variety of industries. She has received dozens of industry-related awards for exemplary advertising campaigns, promotions, direct mail, and public relations programs. Melcher possesses a BSBA with a major in marketing and a minor in computer science from the University of Central Florida.

Rev. Matt Mello

Fr. Matt Mello has been a priest of the Diocese of Orlando for 26 years. Born in New Jersey, Father Mello moved to Melbourne in 1974 with his family. He is currently pastor of St. Matthew Church in Winter Haven.

Deacon Felix Montañez & Digna L. Montañez, MSW

Diacono Felix Montanez ordenado en la Diócesis de Orlando hace 5 años.  Actualmente sirve en la Parroquia St. Maximilian Kolbe, en Avalon Park. Está casado hace 28 años con Digna Montañez, Trabajadora Social y  Co-Manager de la Oficina de Vida Familiar y Cuidado Pastoral de nuestra Diocesis.  Tienen 2 hijos y 3 nietos.  Juntos han colaborado por más de 15 años en el ministerio de enriquecimientos para matrimonios y familias.

Daniel S. Mulhall

Daniel S. Mulhall currently serves as the director of professional development and Hispanic catechesis for RCL Benziger, a publisher of Catholic catechetical material. During his more than 30 years of service in catechetical ministry he has served at almost every level of the national Church, including 10 years working at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. (Sponsored by RCL/Benziger)

Jo Ann Paradise, PhD

Dr. Jo Ann Paradise is a National Consultant for Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division. Dr. Paradise has served as catechetical leader in the Diocese of Pittsburgh for over 32 years and has been a teacher at both the grade school and high school levels in Catholic schools. Through her stories, Dr. Paradise helps educators and catechists understand the need for and develop the skills necessary to be heralds of the Good News. (Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor)

Fanny Cepeda Pedraza

Fanny tiene experiencia en el área de la catequesis a nivel parroquial, diocesano y nacional. Por 13 años lidero la formación de catequistas de la arquidiócesis de Galveston-Houston. Obtuvo su Maestría en Educación Religiosa de la University of Saint Thomas en Houston, y su Doctorado en Ministerio de la Graduate Theological Foundation de South Bend, Indiana. (Sponsored by RCL/Benziger)

Teresa Peterson

Teresa Peterson is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Orlando. She oversees YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for the Diocese of Orlando, oversees the diocesan social communications policy, and is the editor of the Florida Catholic.

Basil H. Pflumm

Basil Pflumm is a retired Brigadier General, United States Air Force. He also was a licensed CPA in the state of Indiana and a Certified Internal Auditor. He holds a BS, MS, and most recently an MPS from Loyola of New Orleans. He has served parishes throughout his life, including 24 years at Annunciation Catholic Church, Altamonte Springs, specifically in Adult Faith Formation and in Parish Governance

Jim Piercey

Jim Piercey is an artist specializing in stained glass windows and mosaics with over 400 commissions in his portfolio – mostly liturgical in nature. He has been on the Diocesan (Orlando) Art and Environment committee for 18 years and has also served on the Orlando Liturgical Conference committee.

Kathleen Power, SSJ

Sister Kathleen is a Sister of St. Joseph of St. Augustine, Florida, whose ministries include spiritual direction, retreat direction, and teaching. She is the Associate Director for Vocations for the diocese and travels throughout the diocese meeting young people and supporting our seminarians.

Justin Reyes

Henry Justin Reyes is the youth ministry coordinator at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Orlando, where he has served for two years. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2009 with a bachelor of science in marketing and a minor in mass communication studies. After graduating, he served two years in Jacksonville, Florida as a corps member with Teach For America, a non-profit that recruits college graduates to teach in low-income public schools across the country. His passion is combining his business skill-set with ministry-related work.

Marjorie Rosa

Marjorie es la Directora de la Emisora Diocesana en español, Buena Nueva FM. Posee una Maestría en Comunicaciones y una Maestría en Administración de Empresas. Apasionada de las comunicaciones, la buena lectura, los ratos en familia y la fotografía.

Michael Ruzicki

Michael Ruzicki serves as the Media and Events Coordinator for Liturgy Training Publications and is a team member for the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Before arriving at LTP, Ruzicki served as a parish pastoral associate for liturgy and music and at the Archdiocese of Baltimore as coordinator of adult and sacramental formation and the director of the archdiocesan music ministry. Ruzicki is a graduate of The Catholic University of America (religion, art and theatre) and the Washington Theological Union (theological and pastoral studies) in Washington, D.C. 

Gigi Santiago

Gigi Santiago is co-manager of Family Life and Pastoral Care for the Diocese of Orlando, where she considers herself advocate for the Vocation of Marriage and Family Life. She presents throughout the Diocese of Orlando the importance of this vocation to the Church and society. A native of New York, she is a graduate of Fordham University, with a Bachelors of Art in History and a minor in Secondary Education. In 2002, Santiago obtained her Masters degree in Pastoral Studies (focus on Small Christian Communities) from Loyola University; in 2011, she completed the Audire Spiritual Direction Formation Program. She also teaches marriage preparation with her husband, Willie, at her parish, Sts. Peter and Paul, Winter Park.

Rev. A. Giles Schinelli, TOR

Fr. Giles Schinelli, TOR, currently serves as the Director of San Pedro Center, the Spiritual Development Center for the Diocese of Orlando. He has been an educator all his ministerial life and has taught in high school, college and parish settings. He is also a past president of the Franciscan Federation of Sisters and Brothers of the Third Order Regular.

Rev. David Scotchie

Fr. David Scotchie currently serves as pastor of Most Precious Blood Church, Oviedo. He was previously the founding pastor of Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church. He has a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from the Aquinas Institute of Theology, a Master of Science in Management from UCF, and Master of Divinity and Master of Arts from St. Meinrad School of Theology in Indiana. He was ordained a priest in 1993 for the Diocese of Orlando.

Deborah Stafford Shearer

Deborah Stafford Shearer currently serves as the Director of Advocacy and Justice for the Diocese of Orlando. For 22 years she has engaged Catholics around the diocese, encouraging them to act on their baptismal commitment to social mission and transformation. She has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Central Florida.

Rev. Patrick Sheedy

Fr. Patrick Sheedy is pastor of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1965.

Jackie Smart

Jackie Smart is the Parish Faith Formation Leader at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church, Eustis.

Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith is Director of Stewardship & Development at St. James Cathedral. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Duquesne University in Pennsylvania. She has many years of experience in strategic planning, communication, public relations, marketing and fundraising in both the business and non-profit sectors.

Lawrence Sutton, PhD

Deacon Larry Sutton is a licensed psychologist who has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities since 1983. He is currently the board president of the national Apostolate for Inclusion Ministry. He is married with three sons and was ordained a deacon in the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 1999. (Sponsored by Loyola Press)

Jean Robert Themistocle

Dieu a fait à Jean Robert, au profit de l'Eglise et de notre communauté particulierement, des dons du chant et de la musique. Il suffit pour Jean Robert d'écouter la parole de Dieu pour qu'aussitôt se mettent à vibrer les cordes lyriques de son coeur. Jean Robert est un homme marié, père de deux jeunes garçons. Malgre son travail a plein temps, il dispose facilement de son temps, de ses tresors et de ses talents.

Patricia Thomas, OP

Sister Patricia Thomas is a Dominican Sister of Peace and currently a member of the Pastoral Services Team of RENEW International. She has a MA in English from the University of Notre Dame and a MA in Pastoral Studies from Aquinas Institute of Theology. She has worked in education as a teacher and an administrator in Ohio, New York and Connecticut; as a Residence Hall rector at the University of Notre Dame; and as a campus minister in New Haven, Connecticut.  (Sponsored by RENEW International)

Rev. Eamon Tobin 

Fr. Eamon Tobin is pastor of Ascension Catholic Church, Melbourne. He is the author of several books and resources that can be used by small groups and individuals wishing to grow in their understanding of their faith. His writings can be found at

Daniel Trout

Daniel Trout is a former Anglican priest and a candidate for holy orders in the Diocese of Orlando. Trout was a Protestant for most of his life before saying “yes” to God’s truth and calling in the Catholic Church.

Victor Valenzuela

Victor Valenzuela is a National Religion Consultant for Bilingual Resources for William H. Sadlier, Inc. He has presented workshops to numerous groups both regionally and nationally. Valenzuela has been in ministry for 20 years including classroom teaching, youth ministry, teacher training, and writing and development of new materials. He has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Joseph Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif., and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of San Francisco, ICEL Program. Born in Arizona to parents of Mexican descent, he is fully bilingual and bicultural. (Sponsored by William H. Sadlier, Inc.)

Sr. Susan Miriam Wolf, FSP

Sr. Susan Miriam Wolf has been a member of the Daughters of St. Paul for 38 years, actively engaging in many aspects of their mission of evangelization with the media and participating on their Provincial Spirituality team. She has a BA in Theology. (Sponsored by the Daughters of St. Paul)

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Keynote Speaker: Monsignor Roberto Garza

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img frRobertoGarza profile

Born in Tulia Texas, Monsignor Roberto Garza was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Miami in 1996. He is has been Rector and President of St. John Vianney College Seminary since 2010 where he also teaches courses in Scripture and Pastoral Ministry. In addition to his seminary responsibilities, Msgr. Garza serves Catholic Charities of Miami as Director of Mission Effectiveness and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Msgr Garza has also served in the Archdiocese of Miami as Vocations Director, President of Word & Life Catholic Television Ministry, and as Pastor of San Isidro Catholic Church in Pompano Beach.

In addition to the keynote, Msgr. Gaza will be presenting workshops 35 & 127 in Spanish; 52 & 77 in English.


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