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Ministry to the Sick

Ministry to the Sick is a pastoral ministry of caring for those people hospitalized, in nursing homes, or confined to private homes. This ministry is provided by trained and certified lay men and women, ordained deacons, vowed religious sisters and brothers, and priests within the Diocese of Orlando.

Ministry of Consolation (Bereavement)

Designed to help parishes develop a process and plan for putting their caring into action.

Ministry of the Incarcerated (Prison/Jail Ministry)

The Ministry to the Incarcerated consists of many faithful men and women from parishes who regularly visit those who are incarcerated. Staff provide valuable information, guidance and direction to all those who serve. The ministry is focused on bringing the Catholic faith into jails and prisons around the diocese and having ministers involved in all aspects of prison ministry, including visiting facilities, supporting families and developing re-entry programs.

Apostleship of the Sea

Apostleship of the Sea is a worldwide Catholic maritime ministry for the spiritual and practical assistance to seafarers, fishermen, their families, and all those who work and travel by sea and the waterways. In the United States, AOS chaplains, associates, and volunteers carry on this ministry in 62 maritime ports representing 50 dioceses.

HIV and AIDS Ministry

The Office of Family Life and Pastoral Care's AIDS Ministry advocates for compassionate care of all those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing is a recognized subspecialty of nursing by the American Nurse Association. 


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