Ministry to the Sick

Ministry to the Sick is a pastoral ministry of caring for those people hospitalized, in nursing homes, or confined to private homes.  This ministry is provided by trained and certified lay men and women, ordained deacons, vowed religious sisters and brothers, and priests within the Diocese of Orlando. These ministers are trained and formed to conduct a pastoral visit with time to listen and pray about the concerns of the sick or shut-in person and to share Eucharist with them.  The Office of Family Life & Pastoral Care coordinates this ministry in the Diocese, provides initial certification training and continued education programs. Each parish in the diocese has an MTS Coordinator who is responsible for the day to day operation of the ministry. A deanery representative, selected from among the parish MTS Coordinators, assists our office as a member of the MTS Advisory Board.

Qualities of a Minister to the Sick

Ministry to the Sick is a service offered to people at vulnerable and painful times in their lives.  The person who service the sick and shut-in needs to have specific qualities and gifts, such as:

  • A listening presence
  • Compassion and empathy
  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment and follow-through
  • Prayerfulness
  • Gentleness of manner
  • Commitment to continuous training and spiritual development

Because Ministers to the Sick represents the Church and serve as its evangelists, it is necessary that they be trained and developed for the responsibility.  The Diocesan MTS certification is obtained after completion of the two (2) day Basic MTS Training and the one (1) day Eucharistic Ministry Training workshops. The Eucharistic trainings are offered by the Liturgy office.  These are offered throughout the year at different parishes.  The pastor or MTS Coordinator recommends those ministers to be trained and certified.  Ministers of the Sick must complete eighteen (18) hours of continuing education in order to be recertified at the end of their three-year mandate.  Nine of these 18 hours should be educational development and the other nine should be spiritual development.

The Minister to the Sick training schedule that follows is updated regularly.  Interested persons should contact their parish MTS Coordinator or Pastor to register for these classes.

MTS training

Ministry to the Sick New Minister Training

Note:  If you are interested in becoming a Minister to the Sick, you need to speak with your pastor or MTS Coordinator first. 

Ministry to the Sick New Facilitator Workshop

For experienced Ministers to the Sick who would like to train new ministers at the parish; the training is in English. This workshop is held at the chancery, and the cost is $20.00. Dates to be announced.

Ministry to the Sick New Coordinator Orientation Workshop




Resources available for Parish MTS Coordinators

Ministry to the Sick Facilitator Training Kit:  Includes Video; Facilitator Manual; Participant Workbook for Certification Course; and Bilingual Administration of Communion of the Sick Prayer Book.  Available to those accepted into Facilitator Training classes only.

Ministry to the Sick Training kit in English or Spanish, which includes: Bilingual Communion of the Sick Prayer Book w/”Our Father” labels in English and in Spanish; Registration forms; Evaluation forms; Participant Workbook

Ministry to the Sick Policy Manual and Coordinator’s Handbook: Useful in effectively organizing and running a Ministry to the Sick program in your parish.  Includes all applicable Diocesan policies, guidelines for the effective recruitment and selection of ministers, training, certification standards and specific duties and roles of the ministry.  A wonderful source of reliable and up-to-date information.

Ministry to the Sick Brochures: Useful in marketing Ministry to the Sick and recruiting new ministers at ministry fairs, information nights and general distribution.  You can obtain a copy in English and in Spanish in pdf format.

Ministry to the Sick Lapel pins: gold pin with Diocesan Ministry Logo, 1” diameter that serves to identify the minister and recognize their contribution in service to others.

Ministry to the Sick Bookmarks: with Diocesan Ministry Logo and Code of Ethics for Ministry to the Sick.

For prices or any other information, please contact Eva L. Del Rio at 407.246.4880.


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