A Day to Honor Grandparents

Every year in late January, Resurrection Catholic School in Lakeland, sets aside a day to honor grandparents. The day begins with Mass, where grandparents receive special recognition. Afterwards, grandparents are permitted to spend time doing fun activities with their grandchildren while they are in class.

For weeks, teachers and students alike strive hard to make Grandparents’ Day special. This includes cleaning all the classrooms until they shine and drawing banners for their grandparents.

In dedication to those who are no longer on Earth, students from the school write the names of their grandparents on foam hearts that are placed on a large banner displayed in the church. No matter how much time it takes, Resurrection Catholic School’s staff and pupils try their hardest to make their guests feel welcome and honor the faith they passed on to us.

Article written by Katharine D., a 7th grader from Resurrrection Catholic School, Lakeland