A great way to get involved


Reading, greeting, or singing at Mass on a Sunday is a great way to get involved in the church community. This year, students of St. Joseph Catholic School in Palm Bay were encouraged to participate in various ways once a month at church on Sundays throughout the year.

On Dec. 10, 2017, the school’s National Junior Honor Society members helped proclaim the readings and altar serve at Mass. Eighth graders Sophia, Bailey, and Mason participated in this Mass. Bailey and Sophia proclaimed the Word while Mason was an altar server. All three members of the NJHS were happy to be a part of the Mass celebration. Bailey, secretary of the NJHS, expressed, “Participating in Mass was a good way to get to know my community and church better. It is a good idea to allow students at St. Joseph Catholic School to be lectors, greeters, or singers in the Mass.”

Sophia, vice president of the NJHS voiced, “I was proud of everyone who participated in the Mass, especially the third-graders who sang a beautiful song after Bailey and I read.”

By allowing students to contribute in these Sunday Masses, St. Joseph Catholic School and Parish are helping children connect to their church community.

Article written by Bailey and Sophia, eighth grade students at Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay.
December, 2017