A Heartwarming Conversion


Written by Caroline
8th grade student
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs

Moomal and her mother, Nausheen, will be baptized and confirmed into the Catholic faith during the Easter Vigil Mass.  They have come a very long way.  Nausheen Jatoi lived in Pakistan her whole life.  In Pakistan she attended two Catholic schools.  She attended St. Jude’s School from preschool to high school and St. Lawrence’s for college.  She never was able to convert to Catholicism, because, in Pakistan, this would mean a death sentence.


 Yet, she always had a strong connection to Jesus.  In 2000, Nausheen moved to the United States and had Moomal.  In 2009, they both moved to Florida from California.  Moomal automatically felt much love at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School. 

She said, “Never have I felt such love from friends before.” 

Moomal grew to love religion class.  She loved to learn about Jesus, the prophets, and how they had spread the Good News of God.  Toward the end of 2009, Nausheen had a dream.  She saw a man cloaked in a white garment standing with his back towards her.  He turned around and outstretched his arms as if to beckon her.  After this dream Nausheen knew that it was time to become Catholic. 

The first stage was to become a catechumen by celebrating the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens. In the ceremony the catechumen’s sponsor makes a sign of the cross on their eyes, mouth, ears, hands, head, feet, and then the priest signs their whole body to be Christ to others.  As a catechumen, you participate in the celebration of Mass every Sunday and leave after the Liturgy of the Word.  You then “break open” the Word of God with other catechumens. During this time they read the gospel three times and see how it connects with their lives.  Moomal loved attending Breaking Open the Word because her fellow catechumen had wonderful stories and were very easy to relate to. 

The next stage is to become one of the Elect.  This ceremony was held at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando.  The week before all of the catechumen’s signed the Book of Elects in their parish.  At the Rite of Election one of the catechists brings the Book of Elect up to the Bishop. The Bishop declares the catechumens to be among the Elect.  Moomal and her mother are very excited to enter the Catholic faith.  Moomal is currently in eighth grade.  She and her mother are looking forward to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time knowing, that from that point on, their lives will never be the same.