A Little Girl with a Big Heart

Lily S., a third grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School, organized a garage sale with her mother in the beginning of the school year during which she sold many of her old toys.


She raised $82 and used the money to purchase canned food items for the less fortunate. Lily has also decided to donate toys, books, and diapers to the “First Birthday Party”, which is a foundation that helps mothers in need to care for their babies. Lily, her mother, and one other adult friend have accumulated about 50 boxes of diapers for the organization.

When asked how helping others felt, Lily smiled and responded, “I felt happy, of course!” She also explained how she took part in other charities, including an association that helps animals in need. Lily also plans to donate her used toys to children in the hospital. She explained that she wants to meet the children she is donating to face-to-face, so she is going with her mother to help distribute the gifts.

Lily recommended that other children her age to do the same: donate to charities, adding that if she could do it, others can do it too! She is very proud of how she has helped others in her community. Lily radiates a very genuine happiness helping the poor and she wishes to spread that happiness not only in her community but also in the world.

Article written by Avery, 8th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach