A personal reflection on Catholic Schools Week

All Catholic schools celebrate Catholic Schools Week in many different ways. And during this Catholic Schools Week, the students of St. Mary Magdalen have been waiting in anticipation for the events to come. Crazy hair day, the family picnic, Powder Puff, the Mass with Bishop John Noonan, who wouldn’t be excited? It can be quite easy to get lost in all the fun of the week, to be distracted by all the commotion. But that’s not what Catholic Schools Week is about, is it?

We celebrate Catholic schools because of the privilege it is to learn there. An opportunity is accorded to us; it is a gift that many do not have. Students get the chance to openly learn about their faith and celebrate in the love of the Lord. They share a special bond with one another in our belief, which is something other schools cannot offer. Students get to learn their Bible and their prayers. They have the chance to openly pray the rosary and other devotions with their peers.

Catholic Schools Week celebrates the faith, the education, and the love that these schools promote. There is so much that a Catholic school has to offer, for us to be thankful for. Sometimes it can even seem as though a week is not long enough to celebrate it all.

Article written by Tiffany, an eighth grade student at St. Mary Magdalen School in Altamonte Springs.
Photo taken by Alrik, a sixth grade student at St. Mary Magdalen School in Altamonte Springs – February 9, 2018