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Graduation Celebration

Our Faith

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orlando aim to ensure the success for all students in the 21st century global world based on the principles of Catholic doctrine and the living Tradition of the Church.  Catholic Schools in the diocese promote a Christ-centered environment which fosters the total formation of each child.  The schools, in concert with parents, prepare students to develop leadership skills to meet the global challenges, as well as, to be of service to others.

Catholic formation is the hallmark of the Catholic school.  As such, the philosophy of a Catholic school is founded on the four principles of Gospel, Message, Community and Service, proclaimed by the pastoral message of the Bishops in the document, “To Teach as Jesus Did.”  Based on these principles, the members of the administration, faculty , staff, clergy and parents are committed to teach the whole child with love, understanding and compassion.

The school’s administration, faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and to teaching tolerance and social justice principles to the school community.  In order to evangelize Christ’s message and educate the students to become the hands and feet of Christ, an  attitude  of service permeates every aspect of school life.

Catholic education is Christian value-centered and teaches students by guiding them to share their God given talents, treasure and time with their neighbors in a spirit of friendliness, respecting the diversity within the community and promoting Gospel  values.

In keeping with Vatican II, the school aims to cultivate the mind, develop the capacity for right judgment and develop in our students a strong sense of relationship with Christ.  Catholic Schools in our diocese are committed to promote a love of learning in order to prepare students as life-long learners and steward s of this world.

In these challenging times, the Catholic school calls together parents and all stakeholders to stand firm and work diligently to develop both the strong Catholic Identity of the school and the excellence in academics that will prepare students to meet the challenges of the global world in the 21st century.

Our Students

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Graduation Day

As seen by the test scores and assessments, students attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando performed better than other students throughout the state and nation, scoring well above national averages. Our 5th, 8th and 11th grade students also take the ACRE, which assesses faith knowledge as well as religious beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. Eighty-one percent of our students are advanced or proficient in understanding their faith. Another profound statistic is the 98% of our graduating seniors go on to college. Last year our graduating seniors were awarded more than $27 million in college scholarships.

Our students represent many nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, interests and abilities. They share, however, a common belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ and a commitment to living those teachings through social action. From the smallest 3-year-old learning to share, color and count, to the 12th grader preparing for college, our students represent all that is possible.