Adventures in Archiving: Your Diocesan History!

Bennett RENAE

-Renae Bennett, Diocesan Archivist
So, what does an Archivist do?! You might think that spending time working with documents and artifacts might be kind of dull and unexciting.  Oh, but no!  The work takes patience and attention to detail; there’s a lot of nitty gritty work to properly inventory, collect, preserve, conserve and manage an archive collection but the outcome makes it all worthwhile. It’s a bit like cooking…there’s a lot of work involved in measuring ingredients, mixing, chopping, sautéing, blending, deglazing, kneading, peeling, reducing, etc., but the delicious results from all that work is worth the effort that goes into it.

An Archivist makes sure that important records and materials are cared for and will be available for research by generations to come. But, it’s not just about being by yourself in a room with stuff, although being with the stuff is pretty great. It takes passion, love, and respect for people, history and information. Caring for history is caring for the people who made it!

Interested? Stay tuned for future stories with facts, anecdotes and information about the history of our Diocese!