Ask Father Faith: January 2015

I often find inspiration through the most absurd things. Have you ever been inspired by something that no one would ever think to be influential?

 Question from Raven, 8th grade student, Lourdes Academy, Daytona Beach

I would say that this is a constant in my life.  One of the blessings of priesthood is to have a constant connection in seeing the impossible.  Call it something about being “in tuned” to the work of God, or that the constant work of a priest keeps your eyes open to the work of God, but I truly believe that I am constantly seeing the impossible happening.

I see that the unexpected often leads me to see God at work. I often see and am inspired by things that others may see as ordinary.

This month’s question was answered by Father John Giel, Chancellor of Canonical Affairs and Vicar General for the Diocese of Orlando, pastor of St. Paul Parish, Leesburg.