Beta Club Members Help Those in Need

Throughout the month of December, Resurrection Catholic School’s Junior Beta Club in Lakeland sold lollipops for fifty cents each in order to buy presents for a young girl who needs food and clothing.

The effort began last October. Students who wanted to buy lollipops and support the cause chatted excitedly as they waited for their turn in line in the cafeteria. The club had so much success that, after raising $160, they decided to sell lollipops again in December, this time with more flavor variety.

The Beta Club leader, Mrs. Waller, is always ready to help others and so are the club members. The extra money collected  is going to be used to help families get tickets to Resurrection Catholic School’s annual carnival.

Resurrection’s Junior Beta Club is always trying to raise money to help those in need. The club is a service organization that promotes respect, honesty, loyalty, and the will to assist others. Members strive to bring out the best in others as well as themselves.

Article written by Katharine D., an 7th grader at Resurrection Catholic School, Lakeland.