Bishop Blesses St. Margaret Mary’s new Baptismal Font

On January 3, 2016 Bishop Noonan blessed the new Baptismal Font at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Winter Park.  Bishop Noonan was joined by Father Richard Walsh, several priests, deacons and the parishioners of St. Margaret Mary for this joyous celebration.


 A month ago, he blessed their new bell too. All of this happened because St. Margaret Mary Parish added a new addition to their Church. Bishop Noonan thinks the new addition is beautiful. 

Priests can only bless people and normal buildings, but only Bishops can bless churches and other sacred objects. Bishops can bless people and normal buildings too. Bishop Noonan has blessed other churches with baptismal fonts. The font needs to be blessed because it is sacred.  The holy water in it is special. 

The baptismal font is in the narthex by the front doors. It is at the entrance of the church because the font helps parishioners enter into new life through the Sacrament of Baptism.

At the end of Mass Father Walsh thanked Bishop Noonan, the construction workers, and architects for supporting the new addition and remodeling of the church. He also shared that it felt like a community project.

St. Margaret Mary Parish hopes that many children and adults will be baptized in this sacred font and that the font will last long.

Article written by Caitlyn, 5th grade student at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, Winter Park