Bishop Noonan Celebrates Mass with St. Paul Students

On January 20, 2017, Bishop John Noonan came to visit the students at St. Paul Catholic School in Leesburg. The day began with Friday Mass, as Bishop Noonan led the congregation.

During the Mass, Bishop Noonan asked every grade how they were doing on that wonderful Friday morning. The morning Mass was full of laughter and joy, just as it should always be.

After Mass, the bishop walked the St. Paul campus, entering classrooms and interacting with the students, answering questions. When asked, “What is your favorite part of being the bishop?,” he answered, “My favorite part of being bishop is visiting all the different parishes and schools.”

The Orlando Diocese contains nine counties and includes 36 elementary schools, five high schools, and 91 different parishes and missions. In addition to being the shepherd of the faithful, part of his role as bishop is to oversee all of the administration within the diocese.

Article by Christian G., photo by Jonah L., 8th grade students at St. Paul Catholic School, Leesburg.