Building Relationship Through First Communion

How do you think we can get more and more and people to do their First Communion? Father Timothy LaBo, pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Kissimmee, recently answered this question. “To get more people to do their First Communion we need to spread the good news; evangelize, invite everyone into the Church, be good role models. We need to teach more people about the very deep relationship that we have with Christ when we do take our First Communion.”

This past April 28, the second-graders at Holy Redeemer Catholic School took their First Holy Communion. Along with them were proud parents, delighted godparents, and ecstatic grandparents. On all their faces was an unexplainable expression, an expression that if you don’t feel firsthand, you won’t understand.

It is very important to take your First Communion at a very early age as Father Timothy LaBo explains. “It is the next step in their relationship with Jesus. It is a step up from Baptism. It brings Jesus closer to us.” First Communion helps build on a person’s Faith. Hopefully, all Catholics are open to this process. It’s a beautiful one, a filling one, and most importantly a relationship builder with Christ.

Article written by Matthew, an seventh grade student at Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Kissimmee.

April, 2018