Caring for migrant workers

Migrant workers in Florida are the people who travel around the state collecting citrus fruits and vegetables to sell to grocery stores around the state. These workers can often be unappreciated, underpaid, and taken for granted. They work all day under the sun in ninety-degree weather. They do not have permanent homes to go to every night, and most do not have much family support. One Melbourne Catholic High School student decided to make a difference.

For her senior project, Sarah decided to focus on the needs of migrant workers. As a former Saint Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay student, she decided to get together with the Saint Joseph community, especially the National Junior Honor Society, to collect items these workers need to make their lives easier. Among the items collected were bars of soap, face wash, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

Sarah also created a partnership with Jersey Mikes, the subway shop. On March 20, Jersey Mike’s sponsored a “Spirit Night” in which all of the money collected that night went toward the purchase of shirts, draw string bags, and hats. Saint Joseph’s National Junior Honor Society staffed a donation table for Sarah at the event. Over $900 was earned to help Sarah with her high school project for the migrant workers!

Sarah is honored to be helping the migrant workers and making their lives easier. She says, “It felt great knowing I am helping someone who is not given much credit, and (that I am) giving attention where it is needed.”

This is only the beginning of the project for Sarah who will continue with phase II. The Saint Joseph community wishes her luck. Recipients of these bags are lucky to have someone like Sarah helping them.

Article written by Sophia, an 8th grade students at Saint Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay.
Photo taken by Sarah, a 12th grade student at Melbourne Catholic High School, Melbourne.

April 2018