Chrism Homily – March 2018

Chrism Mass Homily of Bishop John Noonan
March 28, 2018, St. James Cathedral

Pope Francis being a Jesuit and trained in Jesuit spirituality said, “The senses help us to grasp reality and at the same time to situate ourselves in …

Chrism Mass Homily – April 2017

Chrism Mass Homily of Bishop John Noonan
April 12, 2017

I welcome you to St. James Cathedral this evening as we celebrate the Chrism Mass where we bless the oils which our priests will use in their sacred ministry.  These …

Christmas – December 2016

May the peace, love and joy of the child Jesus be with you this Christmas night! We come tonight to sing the beautiful Christmas carols and to listen to the music which touches our hearts with wonder and joy; Silent …

Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 2016

Today we come to celebrate our Lady of Guadalupe. The last time I was here at Wahneta I came for the funeral of Fr. Norman Farland just three months ago. I’m sure you still miss him; I miss his presence …

Baccalaureate Mass – May 23, 2016

Bishop John Noonan Homily
Baccalaureate Mass
Bishop Moore Catholic High School
May 23, 2016

We gather together this morning to pray and to thank the Lord for your lives, for the gift that you are to your families and for …

Priest Ordination – May 28, 2016


Welcome to St. James Cathedral on this joy-filled day as we are about to ordain two of our brothers to the priesthood. I welcome especially Deacon Luis Salazar and Deacon Martin Nguyen.  We welcome your families, and friends with …