Catholic Schools Week at St. Joseph Catholic School

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017 St. Joseph Catholic School students participated in stations consisting of fun activities to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. At one of the stations, students walked toiletries that they had collected over to Catholic Charities of Central Florida with their little buddies. It was a great experience for the little ones to see all the donations collected.

Making rosaries out of pipe cleaners and beads was another activity. Students made their own rosaries and the younger children received help from the older students. It was a great way to tie in religion with arts and crafts.

An unusual activity was buddy reading in a dark hallway with flashlights. At our school we have older students who help mentor and guide younger students. We call them buddies. The older buddy read to the younger buddy, and then they switched roles.  Buddy groups played games together. There were Dominoes, Monopoly, and many other interesting games that were generously donated by different families.

Parents had a chance to visit and have lunch with their children, picnic style.  Any students whose parents could not make it ate with the other students and their teachers.

To end the day, the children went to their homerooms for a movie and popcorn. It was a fun-filled day full of religious experiences.

Article written by Caroline J., a 6th grader St. Joseph Catholic School, Winter Haven.