Celebrating the Real Meaning of Christmas

Every year at Holy Family, something special happens.


Among the festivities of the season, Christmas is celebrated with the Tableau–a performance to commemorate the true meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus. The 8th graders prepare diligently for the occasion, but they could not put on the show without some help. During practice, the 8th graders worked hard to get their parts right. With help from the principal, they get on track to performing well, and also have a few laughs along the way.

Right before the Tableau, the 8th graders got really excited because they were about to perform in front of the entire school as well as family and friends. During the event, everything is solemn, and there is a sense of holiness around the church. After the Tableau, happiness for the anticipated Christmas season surges through everyone.

Written by Joseph, 8th grade student, Holy Family Catholic School, Orlando