Communion of Saints — A Celebration of Holiness

The 2014 Saints Museum and Exhibit, hosted by Sacred Heart Catholic School’s 8th grade class in celebration of All Saints’ Day, offered visitors of all ages a chance to learn about many Saints’ lives. Every class contributed a project such as posters, decorated tiles, paper patterns dressed as saints, and even pumpkins decorated as Saints!

The Saints’ Parade during school Mass introduced the day’s celebration of All Saints’. In the afternoon, the school gymnasium was transformed into a museum. The “living statues” were the highlight of the event. The 8th graders dressed up as Saints, such as St. Francis, Blessed Mother Teresa, and many others, while the 7th graders were dressed as the modern day saints from doctors to a crossing guard, teacher, and many more ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others. The living saints allowed the visitors to envision what the Saints looked like in their time, as well as read a ‘plaque’ in front of each Saint which told about their life. Many students also appreciated the work of everyday heroes around us.

Not only did the students enjoy the museum, but many parents, grandparents, and other visitors came to experience the beautifully transformed gymnasium into a living exhibit with live music to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In” courtesy of three 7th grade students. The museum curator 8th grader Bella DeMonet crafted a beautiful introduction for each set of visitors. Many hours and much effort were spent to make the museum possible. The efforts were well worth it, with young children and adults alike enjoying the museum and learning about the Saints.

The annual Saints’ Museum and Exhibit has been a continued success year after year, with this year being no exception. Our principal Mrs. Leigh Svajko commended our 8th grade Class of 2015 for their hard work and participation in this school event.

Article written by Riley L., 7th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach