Community comes together to support Puerto Rico  

On September 7, Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico. Thirteen days later Hurricane Maria made landfall. The aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria were devastating. There was no water or electricity. Destroyed were homes, airports, and docks making it extremely difficult for citizens of Puerto Rico to receive help. Luckily, many people and organizations have been kind enough to donate supplies to Puerto Rico including St. Joseph Catholic School in Palm Bay.

As a community, St. Joseph Catholic School has been working to help Puerto Rico in as many ways as possible.

Students, parents, and parish members of the Saint Joseph community have been impacted emotionally by the struggles Puerto Rican citizens have faced. To date, the community has had NUT days (No Uniform Today) every Tuesday. All donations collected from these NUT days are sent to Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

Students also attended a courtyard prayer for those affected in Puerto Rico. Offertory collections every Friday at school Masses where students brought in an assortment of goods such as deodorant, razors, and clothes, are helping the relief effort. A teacher bake sale in which treats baked by the teachers were sold to students for fifty cents per good—another way funds were raised. In another attempt to raise money for Puerto Rico, Saint Joseph Catholic School had a National Junior Honor Society and Student Council doughnut sale. The school will be having more NUT days and offertory collections to help.

Although these devastating events that took place in Puerto Rico, hopefully life will become a little easier to bear because of the work and love of the St. Joseph Catholic School community.

Article and photo by Bailey, an eighth grade student at St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay.
September, 2017