Concert and workshop with Tony Alonso

St. Matthew Parish in Winter Haven maintains a large music ministry as well as a very supportive community. Lee Rutan, the music director, asked a musician and theologian to perform a concert and conduct a workshop at the church.  Tony Alonso, a Cuban-American, trained at Northwestern University and Emory University in the field of theology came Jan. 26-27. His graduate degree in music and degree in theology led him to become a composer which combined his two passions.

Alonso agreed to perform and his workshop offered a variety of sessions the following day.  When asked about his inspiration, Alonso responded, “I’ve had many people who have inspired me along the way. I think the very first person that comes to mind is my fourth grade teacher who asked me to sing in a kids’ choir.”  Alonso hopes that through his music, “People will be given the ability to offer their deepest joy and their deepest sorrow to God through song.” Adults and children enjoyed this incredible opportunity.

 Article written by Jessica, a seventh grade student at St. Joseph Catholic School in Winter Haven.
January, 2018