Continuing Formation Opportunities


The emphasis on spiritual/intellectual formation and development that begins in the initial diaconate formation process leading to ordination must continue throughout the deacon’s life.  The deacon’s primary vocation to holiness demands that he be open to, and actively engage in a continuous process of growth and formation. 


  1. Deacons are expected to have a spiritual director and meet with him or her at least bimonthly.
  2. Canon law mandates that deacons are to attend a retreat annually. The Annual Retreat for deacons and their wives is held in the fall of each year.   Retreat expenses are to be absorbed by the parish or the deacon’s ministerial site.
  3. The Liturgy of the Hours (also known as the Divine Office) is the richest single prayer resource of the Christian Church. It provides prayers, psalms and meditation for every hour of every day. It has existed from the earliest times, to fulfill the Lord’s command to pray without ceasing.  Deacons are expected to pray the Divine Office daily and to be able to lead this rich prayer publicly. 


  1. Permanent Deacons are to continue their studies after ordination to the Diaconate.
  2. Permanent Deacons are to attend pastoral courses arranged for them after their ordination in accordance with the schedules established in the Diocese of Orlando.
  3. The Annual Continuing Education Seminar for Deacons is held in the spring of each year. Attendance is expected for all Permanent Deacons in the diocese.
  4. Diocesan Continuing Education expenses are to be absorbed by the parish or the deacon’s ministerial site.


  1. Each active deacon in with faculties in the Diocese of Orlando is to complete a minimum of thirty (30) Continuing Formation Hours annually.
  2. Each deacon is encouraged to develop a personal program/plan of ongoing Formation. These continuing formation hours can be achieved by college classes, seminars, conference, self-study/readings, and specialized training sessions focused on sound Catholic teachings or various areas of diaconal ministry.
  3. Each deacon is required to submit an annual account of his continuing formation activities. Click here for a copy of the Continuing Formation Activities form.