Crowning of Mary Inaugurates Month of May

On Monday, May 1, St. Paul Catholic School in Leesburg started the month of May with the crowning of the Blessed Mother. The students placed the crown of blossoms upon the head of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The students also placed blossoms at her feet. Traditionally, the crowning of Mary has symbolized the beginning of May, the month of Mary.

The Catholic Church honors Mary throughout the year, but dedicates May to her in honor of her role as the mother of Jesus and of those in Heaven and on Earth. She mothers everyone like a true mother, and she is the model for those who want to be faithful followers of Christ.

The Blessed Mother is someone to look up to because she accepted her purpose to bring our Savior, Jesus Christ, into the world. Everyone is called to love Jesus and we are to thank Him for his love towards us. The guidance and protection of the Blessed Mother is a blessing everyone receives. She stands as a role model for those who want to love Jesus with all of their heart.

The Blessed Trinity gave her the mothership of the world, allowing everyone to be mothered by her. She loves, guides, and holds the hope for everyone created by her son, Jesus. She helps guide us through the darkness of the world.

Article and photo by Christian G., an 8th Grade student at St. Paul Catholic School, Leesburg.