Dancing Their Way to Charity

Dressed in Halloween costumes, middle school students at Sacred Heart Catholic School attended the Middle School Halloween Dance on October 29, to raise funds for the needy.

Hosted by the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), the dance, which took place in the spookily decorated Social Hall, was one of the most anticipated events of the school year.  Students disguised in every costume imaginable were on the dance floor strutting their best moves. Candies and cupcakes, sweets and other treats were enjoyed by all.

Money raised from the dance will be used to purchase care packs for Hospice through Sacred Heart’s “Gifts of Mercy” project. The project is aimed at spreading love and mercy to those in need.  Chase V., NJHS President said, “The Halloween dance is a fun way to raise funds for the needy.”  He also said that he was honored to be part of the organizing committee this year.

Article written by Luke L., an 8th grade student at Sacred Heart School, New Smyrna Beach.