Deacon Carlos Martinez: “Inside my heart, I have so much joy and happiness that I needed to share it”

Martinez’ call to become a deacon first came alive when he was a child, and people commented on how he would be a great deacon. It was a lifetime journey, but it became further ignited after he received the Sacrament of marriage.

“Inside my heart, I have so much joy and happiness that I needed to share it,” he said. “I want to continue to show the love of God to other people.”

Carlos Martinez and his wife, Luz Marina, were born in Colombia, South America, but it wasn’t until they came to the United States that they met and now are celebrating 26 years of marriage.

They have been parishioners at Holy Cross Parish for more than 20 years, where they serve the community in and outside the walls of the church. Martinez said through the diaconate formation, he realized he was being molded for service, for Jesus, and his skills and talents honed to serve His people and the church. Martinez serves in the prison ministry, Spanish ministry Pescadores de Hombres (Fishers of Men), Caminantes Jesus, as a lector and as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

Martinez also has worked for a company that has allowed him to travel around the world and experience a universal Church and the Body of Christ alive and working.

“These experiences continue to assist me in my spiritual growth,” Martinez said. “As I continue this earthly pilgrimage as a Christian, husband, brother, son, friend, I hope everyone sees the love of Christ in me, why I am always smiling and have so much joy, and that my actions reflect the God I love and serve.”


1 of 10 men who shared stories of faith on their diaconate journey before Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate on June 10, 2017