Decrees for the Causes of Saints

The Holy Father authorized the promulgation of decrees concerning the following causes:

The Holy Father authorized the promulgation of decrees concerning the following causes:


       Blessed Maria Elisabeth Hesselblad, Swedish foundress of the Bridgettine Sisters (1870-1957);

       Servant of God Ladislaw Bukowinski, Ukrainian diocesan priest (1904-1974);

       Venerable Servant of God Maria Celeste of the Holy Redeemer (nee Giulia Crostarosa), Italian foundress of the Redemptoristine Nuns (1696-1755);

       Venerable Servant of God Mary of Jesus (nee Carolina Santocanale), Italian foundress of the Capuchin Sisters of the Immaculate of Lourdes (1852-1923);

       Venerable Servant of God Itala Mela, Italian Oblate of St. Benedict (1904-1957);


       Servant of God Angelo Ramazzotti, Patriarch of Venice, Founder of the Institute for Foreign Missions (1800-1861);

       Servant of God Joseph Vithayathil, Indian diocesan priest and co-founder of the Congregation of the Holy Family (1865-1964);

       Servant of God Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, Spanish diocesan priest (1915-1976);

       Servant of God Giuseppe Schiavo, Italian professed priest of the Congregation of St. Joseph (1903-1967);

       Servant of God Venanzio Maria Quadri, Italian professed religious of the Order of Servants of Mary (1916-1937);

       Servant of God William Gagnon, American professed religious of the Hospitallers of St. John of God (1905-1972);

       Servant of God Teresa Rosa Fernanda de Saldanha Oliveira Sousa, Portuguese foundress of the Dominican Sisters of the Portuguese Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena (1837-1916);

       Servant of God Maria Emilia Riquelme Zayas, Spanish foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Mary Immaculate (1847-1940);

       Servant of God Maria Esperanza de la Cruz (nee Salustiana Antonia Ayerbe Castillo), Spanish co-foundress of the Augustinian Recollect Missionary Sisters (1890-1967);

       Servant of God Emanuela Maria Magdalena (Chaje) Kalb, Polish professed religious of the Canonesses of the Holy Spirit (1899-1986);

       Servant of God Niklaus Wolf, Swiss layman and father (1756-1832);

       Servant of God Teresio Olivelli, Italian layman (1916-1945).