10 Reasons to nominate someone for their service in rural communities


Catholic Rural Life presents two national recognition awards to outstanding rural community members for their good works in their communities:

  1. The first is the Isidore and Maria Exemplary Award for a farm couple who have made exemplary contributions to the achievement of the Catholic vision of a generous, gracious and pious rural life.
  2. The second is the Archbishop O’Hara Advocacy Award for Rural Ministry. This award is for a priest, religious or layperson who has excelled in service and advocacy to rural communities.

Do you know a wonderful person or couple who fits these descriptions and is making an impact in the community?

10 Reasons to Nominate Someone in Your Community for a Recognition Award

  1. Gives an opportunity to nominate someone wonderful.
  2. Is an act of love that benefits the whole community.
  3. Expresses your gratitude for their work.
  4. Helps them to know they are making a difference in the lives of others.
  5. Brings positive attention to your community.
  6. Brings awareness to the needs of your community.
  7. Brings awareness to the good works being done in your community.
  8. Shows other communities a positive example to follow.
  9. Brings people in your community together for a common cause.
  10. Brings CRL members together as a community and gives everyone a wonderful excuse to celebrate!

Click here to find more info and instructions for nominating someone you know. The deadline for the Summer 2017 award nominations is May 31!