2011 EGERIA Award Recipient to be Honored at Orlando Liturgical Conference

Dr. Richard Saalfeld, Director of Music at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala, is this year’s recipient of the Orlando Liturgical Conference’s Egeria Award. The award will be officially presented at the conference, August 25-27, 2011.  


The Egeria Award is given biennially at the Orlando Liturgical Conference to someone who has demonstrated lifetime service to the Diocese of Orlando through the ministry of liturgy and/or music. The award is named for the fourth-century Spanish pilgrim who kept a diary of her pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Her love for the ceremonies celebrated there and her belief that good ritual transforms lives inspire readers even today and gives the earliest intimate account of early Christian worship.  

Dr. Saalfeld began his involvement in music in the 4th grade, by joining his parish choir. In grades 5 through 8, he attended the Archbishop’s Choir School. His involvement included singing at the cathedral on a weekly basis. During his last two years of high school, for four years of college, and one year of theology, Dr. Saalfeld attended the diocesan seminary, where he was involved in the music program as a cantor and choir member. During that time, he also studied music during the summer at St. Joseph’s College.  

After college, Dr. Saalfeld received a four-year fellowship at Ohio State University where he earned a Master’s and Doctorate in Music Theory. After graduating from Ohio State, he took the position as Director of Music at Blessed Trinity in Ocala, and has held that position since 1977.  

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Saalfeld!