A Reflection on Innovation as it Relates to Ministry and More from the Office of Laity, Family and Life

In a recent team-meeting we did some faith-sharing around the gospel of the Man Born Blind. We honed in on a couple of catechetical principles that affect all of us in ministry today. The man’s parents advise the Jewish leaders to seek him out directly, “he is of age, and can speak for himself.” This is the semblance of mature discipleship that we strive to nurture in all believers. In a similar fashion, the man fully seems to grasp the mantel of discipleship. In fact, he questions his inquisitors’ motivation, “do you wish to become His disciples, too?” And, of course, the leaders involved capitulate in defiance, “we are disciples of Moses.”

In this season of the Great Fast (Lent) we should be mindful of how our quests in ministry can sometimes drive us backward. We can become too rooted in the comfort of what we know; we can lose sight of the mystery; we can lose touch with people as our ways of connecting can become too limited, or even irrelevant.

And then I saw this… which proves the point…

Enjoy the week and God bless your ministry!

Dennis Johnson, Jr.
Secretariat Head
Office of Laity, Family and Life

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