Advent activities for families and couples

A family reading the Bible together

From The Office of Laity Family and Life eBulletin – November 29, 2017

Advent is a season of hope.  We prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ as we await with hopeful expectation the next coming of Christ.  Before becoming overwhelmed with the preparations and activities that often accompany the season of Advent, it would be good for couples or families to spend a few quiet moments together.

Family Activity: Advent Waiting

This activity is an opportunity for families to plan and prioritize Advent activities, keeping the ones that add to the sense of peace and hopeful anticipation of the season and changing or postponing the activities that simply add to the stress of the season.

Couple Activity: Sharing dreams/making them come true

The activity below is an opportunity for couples to think about their hopes and dreams for the future and to share them with one another.  This exercise may help couples see past current stresses and difficulties to a shared future of love and hope.

  1. A dream that I have for our future is…
    (This could be a fantasy that you don’t really expect to come true but enjoy dreaming about, or it could be a hope that you’re committed to making come true. Either can revitalize your relationship.)
  2. Five years from now I imagine that our life together will be different in the following ways:
    (Consider things like having a child, having fewer children at home, different jobs, different home…)
  3. Write a one or two sentence description of your commitment to your spouse.
    (This might reflect a resolution you’ve made or it may simply be a statement of your love for your spouse put in your own words.)

    by Susan Vogt,