Be an Informed Catholic!

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops is conducting the Candidate Questionnaire Project to help Catholics know where the candidates stand on matters concerning human life and dignity and the advancement of the common good.

All U.S. Congressional and Florida legislative candidates appearing on the ballot in primary and/or general elections have been invited to answer our survey on a range of concerns that are important to our faith community. The topics include religious freedom and conscience protection, environmental stewardship, respect for life, choices in education, consumer protection, immigration reform, international assistance, nuclear arms reduction, human trafficking prevention, parental empowerment and priority for the poor.

Candidate responses can be viewed on the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops website: This website will be updated on a regular basis as the candidates continue to send responses to our survey.

Summaries of candidate responses will be posted on the website on Thursday, August 4 for the primary election and on Thursday, October 13 for the general election.