Bishop leads prayer vigil for unborn

Bishop John Noonan talks to people gather to pray for aborted children, their parents and families considering abortion in front of Life Choices Medical Clinic in Altamonte Springs on March 10. (ANDREA NAVARRO | FC)

As 40 Days for Life winds down to its final weeks, Bishop John Noonan joined sidewalk counselors and others gathered to pray for the souls of aborted children, their parents and families considering abortion in front of Life Choices Medical Clinic in Altamonte Springs on March 10. The prayer vigils for 40 Days for Life began Feb. 14 and run through March 25.

Bishop Noonan stated that being a visible presence and engaging in active prayer for the sanctity of life is of vital importance. He noted, “In this day and age, when we’ve seen what’s happened in South Florida, that life is so sacred—we must really truly come to a greater awareness of the gift of life and an appreciation for all people.”

Life Choices Medical Clinic is a pro-life agency that provides pregnancy counseling, free ultrasounds, abortion pill reversal and information to help couples make informed decisions. The clinic strategically shares a driveway with one of five late term (24 weeks) abortion clinics in Orlando. Life Choices staff worked hard to acquire the property seeing the driveway between them as a literal decision between life and death. The clinic also provides parenting classes and guidance for families.

Since the beginning of this year’s campaign, Norma Stives, Life Choices executive director, says they have seen at least four or five babies saved. They have also seen the abortion clinic close early, which according to Stives only occurs during the 40 Days for Life campaign.

Because of their location, many patients intending to abort arrive at their door thanks to GPS guidance. Recently, one such patient was looking for the back door of the clinic for what is termed a “VIP abortion”—the mother goes in through the back door, unnoticed and pays a price for the discretion. After learning where she was and being offered a free sonogram, she stayed and received counseling. She cried when she saw her baby.

Stives was excited about their increased traffic throughout the campaign. “We’ve had people come in who were in the abortion center next door and left to come see us,” she said. “It (such occurrences) multiplies when we have prayer warriors out there. God allows us the opportunity to show them the humanity of their baby. The opportunity for us to minister and educate them really makes a difference. We see hearts changed that way. Many come in for an abortion pill and when the free ultrasound is offered, they stay as they are charged $200 for the procedure at the abortion clinic. They come in and leave transformed. We plant those seeds and God waters them with the truth.

“We see at least one every day that comes to us at the wrong location,” says Stives. “We can’t thank God enough for what the Lord allows us to see.”

If you would like to participate in a vigil, go to to find a vigil location near you.

By Glenda Meekins of the Florida Catholic – March 12, 2018