Bishop Noonan blesses gymnasium at St. Peter in Deland

On Jan. 6, Bishop John Noonan and more than 600 people participated in the blessing and dedication of the Holy Family Life Center at St. Peter School in Deland. The center houses a new gymnasium, three classrooms, a youth room, cafeteria and full service kitchen.

Bishop Noonan began by concelebrating Mass with Pastor Father Thomas Connery, assisting pastor Father Frank Zammit, Deacon Herbie Toledo, Deacon Jerry Smith, and Deacon Kurt Slafkovsky. Then everyone headed to the Holy Family Life Center for an official blessing.

As the people gathered, each received a raffle ticket to be the first to shoot a basket in the new gym. The assembly cheered as various tickets were drawn for players to break in the new court with the Patriots’ insignia. Prior to its completion, students had to walk across the parking lot to the Bosco Center to eat lunch. Now the cafeteria is attached, making it more convenient and time effective. Sports were also an issue as teams had to rely on other school and facilities. The parish did have a small youth house, but the group had long outgrown it.

Fundraising for the roughly 28,000 square foot space began with Alive in Christ in 2010. The project broke ground Nov. 20, 2016. Delayed slightly due to Hurricane Irma, construction was completed Jan. 5.

Rick Grinstead, pastoral associate and youth minister said of the new facilities, “Our hope is that it’s not just built for the present, but for the future—to house the community at large and a place where all are welcome.”

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By Glenda Meekins of the Florida Catholic – January 11, 2018