Blessed Mother Statue Restored at St. James

The statue of the Blessed Mother at St. James Cathedral, which had been damaged in various places since it was donated to the church in 1954, has been restored to its original beauty, and the statue is now located in the cathedral’s chapel.

The marble statue, Our Lady of Lourdes, was carved in Italy and donated to St. James by Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Heidrich in memory of their children, Herman and Jean. The statue was personally blessed by Pope Pius XII.

The statue was previously located in the Mary Grotto Garden on Orange Avenue, but was desecrated in 1970 – the head and one of its toes cut off. The statue was restored once in 1971, but underwent additional restoration, which was recently completed by Dan Witucki and his team at Dandy Fabrications Inc. in Orlando, with no visible signs of previous damage.