Building up family

A family of four are sitting on the couch together and are reading a Bible story.

How do we build better family relationships? Dr. David Thomas, an expert in the field of Catholic family life and the general editor of the RCL Benziger Family Life series shares 10 tips:

  1. Speak with each other regularly and with respect.
  2. Eat together whenever possible.
  3. Take a conscious interest in what each person does and likes to do—we show that we care about each other.
  4. Stay closely connected with our extended families—parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles—so that we learn our family stories and lore.
  5. Respect and support all family members throughout their lives.
  6. Help each other whenever help is needed, but allow people to do things on their own when help isn’t needed.
  7. Celebrate holidays and major family events (births and deaths, birthdays and anniversaries) throughout our lives.
  8. Come together in times of need to offer support and guidance for each other.
  9. Respect and value (not just tolerate) the gifts of each family member no matter how different they might be.
  10. Treasure the time spent together as family, laughing and crying together as appropriate.]

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