Bulletin Editors: Catholic Relief Services Bulletin Briefs

Every month, Catholic Relief Services makes two bulletin briefs available to Church bulletin editors. The briefs are short human interest stories that illustrate CRS’ programs worldwide and are accompanied with two images each. The briefs are available through Liturgical Publications Inc., a portal where editors and others can sign up and receive content for their publications. Please view CRS’ October bulletin briefs for Pakistan and Sudan, and if you are interested in receiving monthly CRS stories, please follow the directions below. 

  • Directions for signing up to LPi to receive free CRS stories:
  • Please go to www.Portal.4LPi.com and click “Register.”
  • In the Church ID field, enter “CRSDIO” and you will have access to LPi’s full collection of clipart and content, including the content provided by CRS. You can then log on with the username and password you created.
  • When you first log on, you will see all of the new content created by LPi for the upcoming Sunday. In the drop down box that reads “All Media,” choose “Catholic Relief Services” and click “This Sunday” to see any CRS content for this week. 
  • To see all offerings from CRS, click on Advanced Search, again choose “Catholic Relief Services” from the “All Media” drop down, and then click “Search.”

Please note: Churches who work with LPi for their bulletin publishing already have an account on the Art & Media Portal. Churches who do not yet partner with LPi can receive a free 90 day account by registering as you did.  If you have any questions, please contact the U. S. Operations Call Center at 1-866-608-5978.