Catholic Charities of Central Florida Introduces New Mission Statement

In the month of March, Catholic Charities of Central Florida introduced their new mission statement which states, “Our mission is to embrace all those in need with hope, transforming their lives through faith, compassion, and service.” A group of Catholic Charities staff worked with a professional facilitator to examine all of their ministries and to create a new way of expressing their mission that is centered on faith.

“It’s really important because we start with faith,” explained Gary Tester, executive director of Catholic Charities of Central Florida. “The reason that’s important is that we hear the Gospel call of Jesus Christ. He calls us to serve, to honor, to work with those who need help. We can’t do what we do if we don’t first acknowledge our faith.”

Catholic Charities core ministries continue to provide adoption services, alleviate hunger, offer behavioral health services, care for immigrants and refugees, prevent homelessness, and provide access to healthcare. No matter what brings a person in for help, Catholic Charities is committed to treating them with dignity and respect.

“If we start out by embracing our faith and our Savior and then reaching out to them and embracing them with his compassion, we’re already in a better spot to provide them whatever service we can,” said Tester.

“We’re grateful for this opportunity to create and introduce a new mission statement that speaks first of our faith and we hope it’s one that people will embrace and understand with us.”