Catholic Volunteers in Florida Seeking Full-Time Volunteers

Catholic Volunteers in Florida is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Service Year. As you consider career paths, consider participating in a life-altering year of full-time service that will bring you many new opportunities. Catholic Volunteers serve full time (40 hours per week) for at least one year.  Each volunteer’s placement is a careful match between their skills and interests and the needs of the service site. Full-time volunteers are needed for positions in community development, advocacy, farmworker health, communications, medical assistance, restorative justice, and affordable housing. Benefits of volunteering include: housing, health insurance, monthly stipend, and spiritual support.

Catholic Volunteers in Florida encourages young adults to spend a year serving others. They challenge volunteers to live simply, practice active spirituality, do justice, create community, and grow into the person they essentially already are but needed the time to become.  A service year is all about becoming your true self more fully through the challenges, frustrations, joys, highs and lows, victories and defeats faced during the service year. Catholic Volunteers embrace the process of transformation by allowing God and the community to help shape them. Applicants should have a heart for serving marginalized communities in Florida or the Dominican Republic. To learn more or submit an application, visit: