Checking Expectations: Part I

Catholic Rural Life guest blogger Magdalene A.R. Mastin, author of the “Summer Silo Series” blog, returns with a new series about the unexpected beauty of life on her farm:

Our contentment and creativity is centered around—either perceived or unconscious—expectations. Jeff, my husband, is fine with spaghetti squash for dinner on a regular night but if I had promised him steak and stout, his desired level of satisfaction may not be reached.

Or if my best friends and I were anticipating all day leisure on the shores of Lake Michigan and then we find out our time is limited to two hours, I can promise you I would be quite sad.

But switch it around–Jeff comes to the table to enjoy baked faux-pasta and is greeted by a perfectly charred steak and a new microbrew? Or no promised day in the sand and sun and now I am given two full hours with my besties, kids-free, work-free, chores-free, come-wipe-me-Mom free?

Well. You have my full heart of gratitude. The expectations we carry are useful, regular thoughts, a piece of our general humanity. But if our expectations are too high, we may find ourselves lonely and unsatisfied. Too low and we become stagnant creatures: underutilized and unproductive. We can be served or starved by our expectations…

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Via Catholic Rural Life – December 20, 2017