Chimes ring out with Christ’s love

By Jen Drow, special to the Florida Catholic Newspaper – December 12, 2017

Bravo, Bishop Grady Chime Choir! The merry group received a standing ovation from the faithful at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Lady Lake December 10th. Thunderous applause rang through the church after the choir completed a flawless performance of “Away in a Manger.” A truly magical moment for musicians like Eden. “I love St. Timothy’s,” she exclaimed. “I hope people enjoyed our way of thanking them. I can’t wait to go back!”

It took just four rehearsals for this talented group to perfect their show with director Christine Shields. “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with the residents of Bishop Grady Villas,” shared Shields. “The BGV Chime Choir has doubled in size over the last six years. Through the process of working with them to play beautiful music, they have become my friends. I love them, and I believe they love me.”

Other residents from Bishop Grady Villas also participated in the celebration of Mass, serving as greeters and distributing hand-made rosaries. “I know that St. Timothy’s helps us so much at the Harvest Ball and the rest of the year,” said BGV resident Beth. “I think it is important that we give back to show them we love them. I love coming here!”

BGV Development Director, Laurel Hayward, agrees, “Our residents were busy making pocket rosaries for the parishioners of St. Timothy a few weeks in advance of our performance. They were so excited to be able to show their appreciation to this remarkable parish through not only crafting something meaningful people could take home, but also by performing a beautiful song that conveyed the good news of the birth of Christ.”

Pastor Ed Waters loved every moment of it. “Their smiles told the story of gratefulness,” he remembered. “Yes, the smiles of the members of the choir and the smiles of my parishioners. Our parish supports the Villas and we are most pleased to do what we can for them.  Please keep them in your prayers.”