Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Sunday on Jan. 15

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On Jan. 15, the Diocese of Orlando celebrates the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Sunday. The Orlando Diocesan Council of Catholic Women represents the Catholic women in the Diocese of Orlando through 33 parish affiliations throughout its five deaneries.

In a letter from Bishop John Noonan to the council, the bishop thanked the women on behalf of the clergy, religious women and “God’s holy people” for their ministry. He added, “You, my dear sisters, are a light to the people of God and by your good works, you bring about an understanding of the gift of His salvation through Jesus Christ. You are a herald for the lowly, the disenfranchised, and the sick. You are the glorious lumen of the body of Christ.”

The Orlando Council is affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women which was founded in 1920 under the auspices of the United States Catholic bishops who had witnessed the important work done by Catholic women’s organizations during World War I.

The Orlando Diocese Council of Catholic Women strives to “support, educate, and empower” the women in our diocese “in spirituality, leadership, and service.”