Diocesan Young Adult Events

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Young Adult Spotlight on Sept. 17:  Many young adults have said they would like a chance to network with others engaged in leadership of young adult ministry and be involved in conversations about YAM.  This is a Saturday morning just for that. All currently engaged or hoping to be engaged in YAM leadership are welcome to join us at the Chancery for sharing of ideas, resources and questions.  If you have pastors or parish staff who are involved in YAM within your parish, this day is for them too.  The Holy Spirit is doing some amazing work in the hearts of Young Adults, and we want to be sure we can share it with one another. E-mail Amanda Livermore at alivermore@orlandodiocese.org for more info. 

Core Team Trainings:  This year we have expanded our core team trainings to reach seasoned AND new core teams alike.  Each training has a different focus that is of importance to the formation of young adults and young adult ministry.  There is a one- day training in November that is specific to newly forming Core Teams.  This day will focus on the formation of a solid core team, communications basics, event planning and more.  Mark your calendars now, and as each approaches you will receive an opportunity to register. 

Theology on Tap with Bishop Noonan:   Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 10.  Bishop Noonan will be our keynote speaker for TOT at Fiddler’s Green in Winter Park.  More information to come, but be sure to share the news with your young adults so they can save the date!

Young Adult Website: Want to see what’s going on with young adults around the diocese? Want to read articles written by fellow young adults? Want to find ways to serve, connect with one another and deepen your prayer life? All of this and more is available on our ever growing YA website page.  Check it out here. Also, if you would like to add your parish’s YA events to the calendar or submit other information for the website, email me and let me know. E-mail: alivermore@orlandodiocese.org.

Around the Vineyard: There are lots of additional activities happening around the diocese for all young adults. Be sure to check out our website to see many of them.

Charismatic Conference – Sept 30 – Oct 2:  Visit this site for more information: http://www.orlandocharismatic.net/conference_orlando.html Below is a note from Vince Maldonado, the representative of the Diocese of Orlando Catholic Charismatic Conference, a recognized Diocesan association of the faithful:  

Young Adult Track at Orlando Charismatic Conference Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly.”  As Catholics, we believe that Jesus came, died, and rose for us.  Yet, oftentimes it seems there is something missing in our walk with God.  We want a deeper intimacy with Jesus.  We want to experience more of His presence in our lives.  Yet when we try, we are met with obstacles.  Yet even in our hunger for God, Jesus has sent us the great Advocate, the Holy Spirit…The weekend will include inspiring talks, great music, and powerful times of prayer.  Bring a friend.  If you are looking to get back on track with the Lord, relight the fire of faith in your life, or discover His power in a new way, this weekend is for you! 

We are the Beggars Tour:  September 11, 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Holy Name of Jesus, Indialantic
Ike Ndolo Band with Audrey Assad and Ennie Hickman. Tickets are $10/person or $35 for a family of 4 or more. Tickets are available for purchase after Mass on Sunday, August 28 or by calling 321-773-2783.  FB page for this event is located here

That Man Is You!  Meetings will take place every Friday morning starting September 9th at 6:30am until 8am in the St. James social hall.  There is no cost to enroll. Breakfast will be provided. I would invite you to learn more about “That Man is You!” by visiting their website at  http://www.thatmanisyou.org/ For more information, contact Alec Sithong from St. James YAM, alecsithong@gmail.com.