Do you know where the candidates stand?

Casting your votes responsibly requires you to be informed.

Each election cycle, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops (FCCB) conducts the Candidate Questionnaire Project in an effort to assist Catholics and the broader community with the obligation to become informed voters. The FCCB invites all 2018 U.S. Congressional, Florida gubernatorial and Florida legislative candidates on the ballot in the Primary and General Elections to share their positions on ten public policy issues concerning human life and dignity, and the common good. Candidates are offered the opportunity to state their positions as well as provide brief comments on each question.

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, August 28 and early voting begins statewide on Saturday, August 18. Before you cast your ballot, take the time to see where your candidates stand.

Click here to view candidate responses.

In addition, candidate response summaries are available to parishes to be placed in bulletins.

Early voting begins in some Florida counties as early as Monday, August 13. For information about early voting times and places in your area, check with your county Supervisor of Elections.

Note: Materials prepared as part of the Candidate Questionnaire Project are approved by the bishops of Florida for use in parish bulletins or diocesan publications. Surveys or polls by outside organizations are not approved for distribution by Church entities unless prior approval has been granted by the local diocesan bishop or the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Candidate positions on issues are gathered for informational purposes only and are not used for endorsement of any candidate or political party.

Via USCCB August 2018