Dual enrollment equity for private school students advances in House and Senate

HB 189 (Zika) and SB 1342 (Stargel) would make college more affordable for Florida families by restoring access to dual enrollment courses at state colleges and universities for high school students. Certain courses would be made available without requiring payment by the family or the student’s school. FCCB supports these bills that ensure equity for students at private schools and their families. Public and home-school students currently do not have to pay for dual enrollment courses at nearby colleges.

This week, HB 189 was found favorable by the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee (10-0) and has one more committee of reference. SB 1342 was passed by its first committee of reference, Education (8-0), and has two remaining committee stops.

Via FCCB – April 5, 2019