E-Ordo 2012 is now available!



E-ORDO 2012:  Liturgical Year B for Electronic Calendars

$19.95 per user (special discounts for three or more users) 

E-Ordo is a breakthrough for those who use the liturgical calendar and use an electronic PC, Mac, or PDA calendar for daily scheduling. It is in compliance with the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar and includes all the liturgical calendar information including colors, seasons, feasts, solemnities, memorials, optional memorials, and Liturgy of the Hours citations. All readings and alternative readings are listed for every day of the week. Local variants to the universal liturgical calendar may be edited once the calendar is imported.

New with E-Ordo 2012 are the lectionary reading numbers and the designations for whether or not the Creed and/or the Gloria are to be recited.

Act NOW to put the whole liturgical year “A” (2011) and year “B” (2012) on your electronic calendar. Click here to order and for more information.