Embracing the global family

We ask God to help us recognize family in each of his children, to know them as brothers and sisters, and to help us embrace as families should. And so we pray:

Heavenly Father,

We have cried out among strangers
And found a brother reaching out.
We have sung a song of lamentation in a strange place
And heard the voice of a sister singing a song of joy in return.
You have shown us family in the most extraordinary of circumstances
Tied by bonds of blood,
And bonds of the great gift of faith
But tied by a bond that is deeper still:
By the holy truth
That we are all your children,
Your very image and likeness.
Make us the brothers and sisters your Son has called us to be
Sharing our portion
Opening our doors
Mourning with our neighbors
Protecting their children
And standing in solidarity with the persecuted.
Bless our people.
Make all families holy, and help them grow.
And when our time comes,
May a family beyond number call us out of darkness into light
Saying, “These have been brothers and sisters to us.
Welcome them, one and all.”


Via CRS August 1, 2018