Faith Fit Radio Weekly Roundup: 4 episodes you don’t want to miss

Each week, our local podcasts inspire faith that is fully alive. Whether you’re tuning in for the first time or catching up on the latest episode, you’ve got some listening to do this week!

“The power of speech” – Burning Hearts episode 13

Fr. Patrick reflects on the book of James, chapters 3 & 4 and how we can use our words to build up the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Self Care” – Those Catholic Shrinks episode 3

Lisa and Regina share ways to handle stress and refresh the body, mind and soul.

“Hidden Gems – Literary Edition” – Fools for Christ episode 28

Little messages of our faith are all around us, even in books that weren’t written as religious texts. Have you read any of these hidden gems lately?

“Complete my joy” – School of Humanity episode 33

Jason and Rachel share ways to practice humility daily.

Ways to Listen

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